A particular theme or a visual story gains more domination when we add a few incredible photographs to assist the basic idea for curating any photo gallery. This process of enriching the visual story had been presented by us through some surprising and deviant galleries over the years. Since we do collect photographs under a certain theme from a wide range of photographers across the globe, it becomes certainly necessary for us to thank those multifarious photographers who had been generous enough to allow us to host their works.

 121clicks has always been a strong believer of surprises and we promise you to bring more and more thunderbolts in the near future. Photographs are perhaps known to cause some long lasting memories in the viewers hearts, We present you with a huge list of something which has been proven to have induced some pleasantries in our readers hearts..


People & Street Photography

50 Photographs which will tell you light is everything in photography
© Travayegeur (Sahil)


Fine Art & Portrait Photography

Color Portrait Photography
© Lina Scheynius


Nature & Wildlife Photography

Nature & Wildlife Photography
© John&Fish


Paintings & Miscellaneous

Paintings & Miscellaneous
© Nokkasili


Masters of Photography

Ara Güler - Inspiration from Masters of Photography
© Ara Güler