One more Master Color Photographer to our grand list of Masters of Photography section.

Speaking about the early shooters in color and pioneers of color photography, Ernst Haas (March 2, 1921 – September 12, 1986) becomes a valuable inclusion here. He is one of those finest photographers who bridged the gap between art and photojournalism. During his period not many would have thought about reducing the gap between art and photography, on the contrary Ernst through his brilliant pictures made a solid statement in this criteria.

In his early life, Ernst did not have much an influence on photography, he was a slow learner but an autodidact who learned photography tirelessly on his own. So much of this earlier works were based on still life. He slowly started gathering much passion towards photography in color.

As an appreciation for his series on Homecoming prisoners which was during his work as a photojournalist, Ernst was well rewarded a place in Magnum Photos a rich abode for photojournalists which was two years old by then. But on a longer vision, it was his brilliance in color which earned him a wonderful place before art enthusiasts and admirers of photography. He loved to experiment a wholesome in this style of photography. Many techniques such as selective focus, shallow depth of field, motion blurred shots were masterly handled by Ernst. He became interested in, as he put it, “transforming an object from what it is to what you want it to be.” Beyond the physical place, person, or object he depicted, Haas hoped to reflect the joy of looking and of human experience.

In this wonderful post, we bring you some of the creative as well as metaphorical works of Ernst Haas, one of the rarest master color photographer of the good old times.

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