Day for the Best Interviews of this year. 25 great personalities in the field of photography, different genres but Inspiration and words of experience & guidance will always remain the same in any genre of photography. Few Philosophies, few technical guidance with a lot of variety in art and photography. Many a thanks mail from our friends and followers suggests the reach of these Interviews.

Through 121clicks, we have always approached these photographers whom we have admired and inspired. We wish to get some great words and the questions are the ones which every one of you the admirer or any fan would ask a mentor photographer of these kind.

We promise to do more interviews in the upcoming years, through which we shall serve the photographers for their wellbeing.

Alex Stoddard

“Equipment doesn’t matter as much as people think. I could still create the same caliber of work with a cheaper camera.”

Interview With Fine Art & Self-Portrait Photographer Alex Stoddard


Altaf Qadri

“I believe merely taking pictures and get them published in newspapers and magazines is not enough. It should bring about a change in the whole world.”

Interview With Photojournalist Altaf Qadri


Arindam Mukherjee

“Usually a good photograph is appreciated by everybody. Emotional aspect is more important than the technical parts.”

Interview With Photojournalist Arindam Mukherjee


Chirodeep Chaudhuri

“I have never been a fan of this style thing. I am not sure if it is possible to consciously develop a style…I think it has to be more organic, an extension of your attitudes, beliefs and choices. I think people sense these things in your work if they are following it over time.”

Interview With Indian Street Photographer Chirodeep Chaudhuri


Cole Thompson

“I am often asked, “Why black and white?” I think it’s because I grew up in a black-and-white world. Television, movies and the news were all in black and white. My heroes were in black and white and even the nation was segregated into black and white. My images are an extension of the world in which I grew up.“

Interview With Fine Art Photographer Cole Thompson


Fabs Forns

“My goal is to keep for my style to be evolving, never to stay in the same place, keep motivation fresh and always try to look at things with new eyes.”

Interview With Bird Photographer Fabs Forns


Ganesh H. Shankar

“Think, think and think before pressing the shutter. Set very high standard for yourself. Ruthlessly delete images, share only the best.”

Interview With Nature & Wildlife Photographer Ganesh H. Shankar


Gavin Gough

“My portraits are often taken on the street, they’re not studio shots. Importantly, they are the result of a connection, the final act in a conversation. I enjoy meeting people. Even when we don’t speak the same language, there are ways to communicate effectively.”

Interview With Travel Photographer Gavin Gough


GMB Akash

“Click, click and keep clicking, until your thirst become eternal. Photography is a means of existence. Try to live with it with your own ability. Make your own kinds & your own trails. When as a photographer you will be able to discover yourself in your photography, then you will be able to get an unending tribute for rest of your life. If you remain true to your work then your work will remain true to you.”

Interview With Documentary Photographer GMB Akash


Ian Plant

“The happiest moment in my photography life is every moment I get my eye behind my camera’s lens. My next image is always the one I’m most excited about.”

Interview With Nature Photographer Ian Plant


Jeremy Horner

“Develop your own vision, trust in it, and it will eventually reward you beyond your imagination.”

Interview With Nature Photographer Ian Plant


Krzysztof Browko

“The most important aspect is to take joy out of your passion. You need to be patient – especially at the beginning of your adventure. There is no rule how to achive the aim in a simple and easy way. You just need to try patiently and sooner or later you will get good shots.”

Interview With Landscape Photographer Krzysztof Browko


Marina Cano

“A picture should impacts you for any reason, the subject, the moment, the light, the action, originality, creativity, or a combination of some of them. That makes a Best Wildlife Picture.”

Interview With Wildlife Photographer Marina Cano


Marji Lang

“Follow your instinct and try to build your own photographic identity, impose your own vision no matter what people say. I’m still working on that, it’s not easy but I know it’s definitely the way to go.”

Interview With Travel Photographer Marji Lang


Pawel Klarecki

“When I was going to school I used to paint pictures, it’s one of my passions, well, it used to be. The paintings were landscapes mixed with fantasy elements and that has influenced my life till this moment. That time I discovered my passion for photography as well.”

Interview With Landscape Photographer Pawel Klarecki


Prashant Godbole

“Street photography is like holding up a mirror to society, capturing the life of a moment on film, making room for instinct, telling a story, making you smile. It tends to be ironic and often surprise you. And in today’s global village, photography is the only thing that crosses barriers of language and happily transports viewers to different cultures.”

Interview With Prashant Godbole


Prateek Dubey

“Your pictures should capture the culture of the place where your subjects are the narrators of the story. A photograph must also express the smells and sound of the place. If you cannot hear the rain drops in a picture of rain, then you haven’t come back with a good picture.”

Interview With Indian Street Photographer Prateek Dubey


Rui Palha

“Always be happy with your own street work before spreading it everywhere. Be very critical and demanding with yourself. Enjoy People, Life and Street. This way you are enjoying the entire world and it’s a way to grow up under all the aspects.”

Interview With Street Photographer Rui Palha


Ryan Lobo

“I enjoy taking photographs of people and events, which tell larger stories than just what’s beautiful or on the outside. Sometimes I feel I am not in control of the image and mystical forces come together to help create the image.”

Interview With Documentary Photographer And Story Teller Ryan Lobo


Shlomi Nissim

“I believe that a good photograph must consist of two very important aspects, it must be very aesthetic and also contain food for the heart. The result of it must be something that you can believe in.”

Interview With Shlomi Nissim


Thomas Leuthard

“B/W reduces a photo to structure, lines and patterns. Color often distracts from the content. But some colors don’t work in B/W. I do more than 95% in B/W as color doesn’t really appeals me in street photography.”

Interview With Street Photographer Thomas Leuthard


Umberto Verdoliva

“For me the street photography is the essence of photography. I could not do anything else. The continuous observation of the people around me makes me a better understanding of the man and at the same time I improve myself as man.”

Interview With Street Photographer Umberto Verdoliva


William DeShazer

“Instead of just thinking about one image, try to think of tight, medium, and wide. Not just for the web galleries, but to keep harnessing your skills too. So when you do start that story or project you’ve been waiting for you’ll be focused on getting everything.”

Interview With Photojournalist William DeShazer



“Be persistent. You’ll shoot thousands of lousy pictures during the first couple of years, but the only way to learn is being out there shooting and learning from your mistakes.”

Interview With Street Photographer Yanidel



“I think the mood of a photograph is its most important attribute. A photograph must make its viewer feel something. Every photographer has a different way of capturing mood and drama and that is what makes it such an interesting medium.”

Interview With Documentary And War Photographer Zoriah


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