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100 Most Effective One Liners For Any Photographer

One liners are always priceless and sows some incredible amount of energy and passion to the readers with great charm. We wanted to bring you a fresh and innovative list of 100 one liners you shouldn’t have read anywhere before, something utterly different and proactive, just like how we always them here at

25 Latest Free Photography Ebooks To Download

Here we have collected some amazing latest photography Ebooks to improve your photography. Click on the image to download the Ebook. You can check our previous articles about Free Photography Eboosk here.

10 Inspiring Street Photography Articles For Beginners – A Roundup

Street Photography is not just a trend but slowly its becoming a grand phenomenon amongst this generation of photographers. Most importantly the ease to become one is always inviting and makes you to go about the roads of unknown territories. In this article, we wanted to bring you some of the wildest and absolutely powerful articles on street photography around the web. Take a look, grab your camera and go for a walk.

25 Most Useful Photography Cheat Sheets – Part1

Here we have collected some very useful Photography Cheat Sheets. I am sure, these diagrams will be very useful for beginners and amateur photographers.

25 Most Useful Photography Cheat Sheets – Part2

Here we have collected another set of very useful Photography Cheat Sheets. I am sure, these diagrams will be very useful for beginners and amateur photographers.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Pressing That Shutter

The Decisive moment, a split second for capturing the ultimate moment, that spontaneous reaction within you to pull the trigger, whatever you may call it, the bottom line remains the same. That act of consciousness which determines your photograph, and more or less this is the right balance between both the hemispheres of your brain, because you act logically with a touch of creativity.

5 Magical Things The Photographer Inside You Will Be So Proud Of

We the people fall in love with either a photographic equipment or the so called art itself to discover and unveil an inner personality called the photographer. And then, You slowly start to understand the nuances of being a real photographer, the delicacies, sweet pain and a lot more inside the hidden world of photography. In this article of ours, I wanted to share some of the unnoticed substances we get to feel just by being a good photographer.

Getting The Layers Right In Street Photography By Vineet Vohra

After shooting with the Fujifilm XT-1 for about a month now, I can easily say that it has given me the magical powers of invisibility. It’s so compact and the shutter is as quiet as the drop of a feather. As a street photographer, being invisible and getting camouflaged within the surroundings is key. When I was carrying a DSLR people would almost always tense up and the moment would get lost.

Siddharthan Raman Shows Why He Rates His 28mm Above Most Of The Celebrated Prime Lenses

Not many appreciated or agreed to the fact for me going to buy a 28mm lens for my crop sensor camera. I did some basic study on internet but then the reviews had its own negative impacts on me. It took a while for me to understand & then I strongly believed that this focal length is something special and would give some amazing results for wide as well as portrait compositions.

Siddharthan Raman Reveals How A 50mm Lens Changed His Idea Of Photography

In this article, I am about the discuss some of the incredible rewards a photographer can reap for having a 50mm lens in his gear bag. Its a very well known fact that 50mm is made to produce such great imagery with high optical quality for its built quality is such. Let us discuss more about the advantages a photographer like me thoroughly enjoys by playing with this delicious focal length at its widest aperture f/1.4.

5 Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Planning To Quit Your Job For Photography

More often that not, We come across people who quit their existing job in the hope of starting a lucrative career in photography. On a positive note, this sounds wonderful but how practical can the shift turn out to be. What are the daring questions one should ask themselves before they may start to regret the change in the future. This post is for those passionate photographers who are in a dilemma and wants to figure out the reality before they choose the career.

How To Shoot Portraits In Natural Light Well Explained With Amazing Examples

As we all know shooting portraits is one of the stiff & daunting tasks for any photographer but it may really ease out once you start to find the ground in this genre of photography. Portrait Photography is always interesting for the diversities it can offer and the surprising elements which are expelled while shooting fellow humans. Most importantly, lighting is the essential element to prioritize here because a beautiful model with a bad light will still be called as a bad picture.

How To Use Reverse Ring And Extension Tube For Macro Photography

Hello Everyone, this Soumya Sumitra Behera (shortly call me SouSuBe) an enthusiastic budding photographer from the French Heritage town of Pondicherry. And here I would like to give you an small introduction and tutorial on how to take beautiful Macro photographs with the best alternative to Macro Lens.

7 Reasons Why Canon 7D Mark II Will Be The Biggest Camera Sensation This Year

Canon is all set to unveil its crop sensor beast during the Photokina exhibition probably this September. The camera is believed to have some groundbreaking technological improvements in all sectors. Strangely this is also an up-gradation of the existing 7D after quiet some period of time. To add more weight-age to the Mark2, the present EOS 7D has been listed as a discontinued model in Amazon.

5 Most Popular Compact Cameras For Travel Photography

Constant traveling can teach you ultimate lessons you wouldn’t even dreamt of experiencing before. We always could allocate certain time in our busy schedule towards experiencing numerous possibilities in this endless world.

10 Inspiring Articles Focusing On Landscape Photography

Photographers take landscape photographs in pursuit of nature devoted of human influence. Ambient light, strong defined landforms, and weather conditions are the main elements of a fantastic landscape photo. These days there are no strict boundaries: industrial areas, classic nature photography along with urban scales create today’s landscape photography.

Photography Composition Basics – Know About The Rule Of Thirds and more

We are sharing this tutorial from Academy Photography. Follow their Youtube Channel for more amazing tutorials. Personally I believe this tutorial will be very useful for beginners to understand whta is composition.

Understanding Your Camera’s Histogram – Video Tutorial For Beginners

A simple and clear explanation about your Camera’s Histogram by John Greengo from CreativeLive. You can follow their channel here.

B&W Street Photography Processing Tutorial Using Lightroom & Nik Silver Efex Pro2

Street Photographer Tuan Nguyen explaining about how to process street photo in Black and white using Lightroom and Nik Silverefex Pro2. This tutorial will be very useful for street photography beginners. Tuan explains the process behind his images in very simple and effective way. Thaks for watching, please follow Tuan Youtube channel for more amazing tips.

Lightroom Tutorials For Beginners: How To Use Tone Curves To Create A Fairy Tale

We are sharing this tutorial from LightroomZen. This video tutorial covers using tone curves to rescue an almost unusable photo and turn it into a nice fantasy style portrait.

Lightroom Tutorials For Beginners: 10 Hidden Gems You Should Know In Lightroom 5

We are sharing this tutorial from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Channel. Adobe instructor Julieanne Kost talked about additional and seldom features in Lightroom 5 that can make a huge difference in the way that you work with your images.

Lightroom Tutorial For Beginners: Backlit Portrait Editing

We are sharing this tutorial from Lightroomzen. Very quick and effective editing for Backlit Portrait. Enjoy this Tutorial.

5 Reasons Why You Need A 50mm Lens With An Interesting Street Walk

We are sharing this tutorial from DigitalRev TV. Follow this Youtube Video Channel for amazing photography tips. Very interesting street walk and practical tips with Kai W. I am sure, after watching this video you will get a brand new 50mm lens. Thanks for watching.

100 Wedding Photography Tips For Professional Photographers By Andrew Hind

I learned one of the most important lessons about becoming a professional wedding photographer very early on in my career on the way to photographing a wedding in a car stuck in a monumental traffic jam on a motorway. Hardly moving for well over an hour I was powerless as the minutes ticked by and the wedding got closer and closer.

10 Landscape Photography Tips From Antony Spencer

We are sharing this tutorial from Phase One. Subscribe this channel for Amazing landscape photography tips. In this video Antony Spencer sharing some simple and amazing tips about landscape photography.

Being A Successful Wedding Photographer – Tips And Video Tutorials

Wedding Photography is no rocket science these days but the toughest part in nailing this interesting genre of photography is understanding the art of survival and channelizing your vision in a most positive and latest mode possible. This is no easy task for any photographer, to get 5 stars from your client is the hardest nut to crack but believe me this is also the most sweetest of them all.

100 Photographers You Should Follow In Instagram

Here we have listed some amazing talented photographers in Instagram. Photographers displayed by Alphabetical order. Well if your count is right, we are 25 photographers short and would like you to find those 25 wonderful photographers from your perspective. Please list your favorite Instagram photographer in the comments section and we will be more than happy to add them for you and complete this perfect list.

Sandro Miller Recreates Iconic Portraits With John Malkovich As A Subject

Sandro Miller recreates amazing iconic portraits with John Malkovich. These images are already went viral around internet. This post is for our audience. Please check for more details.

To Be Honest With Photography By Sudarshan Mondal

I love photography and capture anything that makes sense to me. I do not classify or attach myself with a particular genre because for me it does not exist or perhaps I have not realized it yet. Well, what do I look for in a photograph? What do I actually want to capture and for whom am I going to do it?

3 Simple Steps To Capture The Magic, An Interesting Article By Jennifer McCarren

Kids at their sublime beauty with the mood highly lit for an interesting photo shoot, Jennifer McCarren makes the scene much happier through seperate bonding with the kids and the tool in her mind shoot even better photographs. Kids aren’t posed here and they are more than happy to draw the photographer’s attention and thereby resulting in some magnificient photographs.

10 Tips To Capture Amazing Photographs Of Birds In Flight

Birds in flight is probably the most sought after type of bird photography. Who do not wants to photograph birds in flight! Today you will learn top 10 tips that will help you capture amazing photographs of birds in flight.

55 Utterly Sarcastic Jokes On Photography To Tickle You

People do make fun and even mock at photographers and photography on the whole. Infact, every field of work or organization will have its own identity and exacerbating factors which would tickle us. How funny and sarcastic would it be to bring you a huge splendid collection of such comic joke strips.

Incredible Power Of Photography – Respect To Numerous Photojournalists Out There

Everything about photography expressed and answered in this spectacular video. Get yourself answered for what makes a good photograph, why is photography so important when it comes to editorial and journalistic approach. Incredible photographs with lot of stories and fascinating documentation. This is the power of photojournalism. Take a look for yourself.