Wedding Photography is no rocket science these days but the toughest part in nailing this interesting genre of photography is understanding the art of survival and channelizing your vision in a most positive and latest mode possible. This is no easy task for any photographer, to get 5 stars from your client is the hardest nut to crack but believe me this is also the most sweetest of them all.

In this post of ours, I wanted to brief some impeccable ideas towards creating wonderful wedding photographs. Never get disappointed if you don’t achieve perfection on the very first day, things are going to slowly subside and your nerves too. This is always going to tough to meet the requirements of your client but at the same time never feel offended for saying a firm no. This could save lot of time and money for both of you.

Wedding Photography Posing - Ideas and Video Tutorials
Photo By: Mandy Mayberry

Top tips to follow:

  • Create a storyboard, get constant feedback from your client, see if they follow your creative path, make them understand and approve , before you really start shooting stuff.
  • Believe your prime lenses because they not only give you beaufiul bokeh but they rock in low light as well. Start thinking from a layman’s perspective, no client is going to show a liking towards blurry or out of focus photographs, you may be an artist by heart but please play safe.
  • When it comes to posing, never make them gaze at your camera straight without an emotion. What strikes in a wedding photograph is the spurr of moment, try to make it spontaneous, the joy of the occasion, a warm embrace, an eternal tear and so on.
  • Light is always important and no excuses for shooting commercial photography here. When we started analyzing what makes people go awe after a piece of photograph, there was just 4 things. Light, moment, composition and emotion make sure you capture it.
  • Speak with them, ask them to feel comfortable, your photographs are going to be wonderful remembrances of their special occasion, hence try to make it as magical as possible.
  • Do not shoot the ordinary, always ask yourself if you would pay for this piece of photograph. Introduce something interesting, try to play around with objects of vibrant colors, creating an interesting mood and more than that a sense of surprise which is worth everything for remembrance.
  • At the end of the day, if you could well find a balance between art and commercial photography through your work, that can well be considered an epic success.


To add to our tips, We give you some wonderful videos to help you in assisting for a posed shoot. This will give you a professional insight towards natural lighting, posing techniques and retouching.

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I always repeat this, never expect yourself to be a professional overnight. This is going to take a lot of practice and patience. Stay there, perform against the odds try to create your unique style with originality and artistic qualities build your own portfolio.

Wedding photography will definitely become more tougher in the coming years and one could survive here if he adapts and accepts to change, tweaks his weakness and most importantly does it with real passion rather than money.

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