As the rumors suggest,

Canon is all set to unveil its crop sensor beast during the Photokina exhibition probably this September. The camera is believed to have some groundbreaking technological improvements in all sectors.

Strangely this is also an up-gradation of the existing 7D after quiet some period of time. To add more weight-age to the Mark2, the present EOS 7D has been listed as a discontinued model in Amazon. 

Well, lets get to the specs of Mark 2 here,

  1. New sensor technology, first of its kind & which can well be the game changer for DSLR’s.
  2. 63 autofocus points with better and perfect autofocus system.
  3. 14 fps , superfast and pacy for sports/wildlife
  4. Enhanced Low-Iight performance.
  5. 4K video.
  6. Better ergonomics and weather proof.
  7. EOS – 1x style body with great precision.

And above all the price range as we heard falls well below 2000$ for the body.

Let us wait a month more to get our hands on this workhorse from Canon.


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