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This guy makes his dream happen through photography and its touching


Huzzatul Mursalin is a passionate people & street photographer from Bangladesh. He loves to be called as Sopnochora because he confesses his act of stealing the dreams from nature and its people. For Huzzatul, photography is […]


30 Powerful Bangladeshi Portraits which teaches you life has two rules never quit


Bangladesh is a land much known for its energetic younger breed and the new generation who doesn’t give up of anything. We wondered how beautiful would it be to gather some powerful portraits from […]


Hazra Dance: On the verge of extinction by Pronov Ghosh


Hazra ance is almost on the verge of extinction in Bangladesh. According to tradition, in the rural areas Hazra dance was performed in mid-Baishakh (the first month of the Bengali calendar) just for entertainment […]


Survivors – The True Face of a Victim by Ken Hermann


Every year people in Bangladesh are disfigured beyond recognition by acid attacks. The victims are literally scarred for life. Award-winning photographer Ken Hermann and video journalist Tai Klan visited Bangladesh and returned with a […]


Powerful People Photography by Nayeem Kalam


Stories in every face, emotions keeps boiling with these brilliant photographs by Nayeem Kalam from Chittagong, Bangladesh. Let us get to hear more from the photographer himself. Few words about Nayeem? I am Nayeem […]


Enchanting Bangladesh – Most mindblowing Photographs


Some most admirable countryside photographs comes from this enchanting country. There is some splendid amount of variety and mass within various cultural aspects, which got to offer more than enough for the land rich […]


Park Life – A Photo Documentary by Mohammad Rakibul Hasan


City parks are places for refreshment. People come here to seek solitude and breathe fresh air – indeed it gives urban people a sense of openness. With the rapid urbanization of Dhaka city, greenery […]


Story Behind My Photographs by Mohammad Moniruzzaman


This is a fresh start to our new series, which we believe to enact well with some great photographers around the world. My photographs and most importantly the story behind the pictures will open […]


The Spellbinders by Mohammad Moniruzzaman


‘The Spellbinders’ is a photography project aimed to document the rapidly diminishing rural circus of Bangladesh. Traditional circus troupes were one of the major attractions in rural fairs and festivals, once. The vivid colors, […]


Inspiring People Photography Ata Mohammad Adnan


Ata Adnan is a Street & People Photographer from Bangladesh. Adnan’s pictures makes us feel every bit for his beautiful country and the soulfulness of some fantastic people who live there. These pictures show […]