Photography is an art that’s constantly developed thanks to technology improvements and inventions. Nowadays, almost every person has access to or owns a camera. Just take a look at your smart phone device – you probably even have a photography app or two to edit your photos before publishing them on social media.

This is why, in our midst, we constantly find new or aspiring photographers. Few of them manage to exit the team of photography rookies and become professionals. But, since photography is an extraordinary skill and because of it, a challenging thing to master – many fail even before they start understanding it.

Plenty of reasons exist that make people want to pursue photography. No matter what yours is, you definitely have a chance at doing this, even professionally. Being a student doesn’t excuse you from obtaining some extra skills. If you’re really into photography, there are ways to learn it while studying in college.

Below you’ll find an amazing guide on how to do this.

Step 1: Get Familiar with the Camera

When you purchase a new camera with the goal of learning photography, avoid the temptation to throw the camera manual out. Manuals are often boring and contain information that we might never use, but they are actually the best way to get acquainted with your newly obtained camera.

Step by Step Guide to Learning the Photography while Studying in College

You don’t have to read all the pages of the manual or learn how it was made. Skim the areas you have no interest in or already know all about. But, read all the sections that tell you how to use the camera and the kit. No one knows better about the product than the person who made it.

Step 2: Watch Some Tutorials Online

Learning things is much easier nowadays when we tutorials and guides at our fingertips. Go online and type your camera type in the search engine box. You’ll find many useful videos and written tutorials about how to use that particular product. While the person in the videos is showing you how to use the model, practice on your camera. It’s amazing how much you can learn from people who’ve used the rig more than you have.

Step 3: Indulge in Great Online Portfolios

It will take you some time to find the best portfolios, but the Web is filled with amazing photography from great artists worldwide. By looking at other people’s photography, you can figure out what you want to learn, what niche you plan to pursue, how to capture great photos, as well as get ideas for setting the scene.

This is similar to you indulging in a good book (not that it would hurt to read a nice photography book, too). However, as a student, you’ll probably find this step to be the most challenging one. Learning from examples takes time that you don’t really have to spare.

But, I have a solution. First of all, you should try to fit in photography learning into your schedule. When the time is tight, you can pay someone to write your papers while you focus on your photography skill-building. If you’re wondering where to pay for research paper, I can tell you that AResearchGuide is an extraordinary source of quality papers. If you choose to use them, you’ll have some extra time on your hands. Use it wisely!

Step by Step Guide to Learning the Photography while Studying in College

Step 4: Practice Like Crazy!

Examples are a great way to learn, books are too, but the best way to learn photography is by practicing. Bring your camera with you everywhere you go. When you see something remotely interesting, take a photo of it. The truth is, even if you take costly courses to learn photography and spend years reading books, you’ll never really learn about it unless you practice it. Taking actual photos is how you’ll test the skills you’ve read and seen in other people’s work. It’s also how you’ll unlock your skill and your style.

Step 5: Expand Your Network

When you start learning the fundamentals, it’s time to get out there. Start networking. Attend workshops, connect with photographers on social media, join photography forums, etc.

Social media is a great tool for learning photographers. You can use it to find tips from popular Instagrammers and connect with people in the field.

Step 6: Experiment and Get Yourself Out There

If you want to become a photographer, you need to be prepared to make mistakes. Don’t be afraid of it. Make a portfolio and get your art out there. You can even try to sell your photos online and make some money to pay off those student loans!

There’s nothing stopping you from becoming a photographer. Use the passion you have for it and apply it to every shot you make. If you want to make it happen, your school tasks won’t stop you in doing this.

Author’s Bio

Joshua Robinson is a professional photographer. He works freelance for various magazines and sites. In addition to his tasks for clients, Joshua also provides photography services for events in his area.

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