Starting a photography business is a logical step for new photographers or those who have been in the industry for a while. However, you need to market your business to give it a larger presence and attract customers. Unfortunately, many photographers do not know what to do as part of their marketing. This guide is meant to change that by giving you some tactics you can implement today and start seeing results shortly.

Grow Your Photography Business

#1. Leverage Short Form Videos

Short-form videos are one of the most potent digital marketing trends because they allow you to reach people on different social media platforms, capture their attention and engage with them. But, how can you use them to market your business? Tell a story.

You already have the photographs you need to create story-based videos, and they are easy to choose if you do not. People love stories, and they want you to capture them, whether they are about their birthday or wedding. Show them you are capable of doing this but ensure you have permission from your photos’ subjects beforehand.

You can also create other types of short-form content, including tutorials, how-tos, behind-the-scenes videos, or videos explaining your different services. You are only limited by your creativity.

It is also a good idea to experiment with different video types and formats to see which one works best for your business and target audience.

#2. Track Your Website Visits Using Google Analytics

Did you know that you do not have to subscribe to expensive plans to get a great tool that will help you track the traffic coming to your photography website? Google Analytics is free and is one of the best tools for doing this and also for understanding your website’s sources of traffic.

The platform can be a bit complicated if you have never used it, but there are numerous resources online that will make it easy to understand and get started with. Google Analytics is an indispensable tool for your photography business because it gives you the number of visitors plus additional information on where they are coming from.

If they are coming from organic search, meaning people are finding your business on search engine result pages, your SEO efforts are paying off. The same is true if they are coming from different social media platforms.

Having this data is crucial because it allows you to see what marketing and traffic channels are working well for your business and which are not. You can then decide whether to keep putting effort into those producing less-than-ideal results or ditch them altogether.

You can also use Google Analytics data to understand visitor demographics so you know how to set up your targeting and tailor your ads if you decide to run a paid search marketing campaign.

Grow Your Photography Business

#3. Repurpose Your Content

You are already busy enough getting clients, talking to them, photographing, and doing everything else your business requires you to do. You therefore likely do not have time to create new pieces of content every time you want to post on one of your marketing channels.

One thing that can help is repurposing your content. Let’s say you wrote an in-depth long-form how-to article. You can repurpose it by submitting it to other websites, which is known as syndication. You can also share a direct link or parts of it on social media.

A good way to get a great return with this tactic is to find questions on platforms like Reddit and see if your content answers them. If it does, post a link or a small snippet with a “read more” link.

You can also take the best bits or a summary and use them in graphics, Reels, and videos. Lastly, you can add the content to a weekly newsletter.

Some creators have been able to create over 50 pieces of content from a single piece, which shows how effective doing this can be.

#4. Complete Your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is another incredible tool because it shows a list of businesses on a map for local searches. Appearing on these listings will increase your website visitors and can even lead to additional business.

When filling out your profile, add as much information as you can, relevant photographs, and links to your website and social media pages. Also, remember to use descriptive keywords in your description for higher visibility.

Growing a business can be challenging, but the digital age has provided business owners with numerous tools for this. While there are other tactics you can use, the ones discussed above can lead to incredible results quickly and have a very high return.

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