Amazing Under Water Photography by Dmitry Laudin


Introduction One of the Masters of Underwater photography. Dmitry Laudin is from Moscow, Russia born in January, 25th, 1968. He started photography professionally just since 2007. Using the varied possibilities of Digital Photography, and [...]


40 Beautiful & Sublime Portraits of Kids


Children are always/definite energy bombs, casual, caring nothing about tomorrow nor any regrets for the past. The very attitude every grownup would long for, capturing this strong innocence from kids must be one of [...]


Landscape Photography Tips, Tutorials and Videos


Landscape photography is a fantastic genre of photography not just for being there on different parts of the world, various colors, never ending abundance of nature with dramatic light all around the year. It [...]


Interview with Nature Photographer Ian Plant


An Introduction about you I’m a full-time professional nature photographer. My photographs have appeared in a number of books, calendars, and magazines, including Outdoor Photographer and Popular Photography. I also write a regular blog [...]


What is An Environmental Portrait – Tips & Examples


An Environment is something which is totally integrated with the physical and biological factors along with their own chemical interactions which further forms to serve any form of living. So what does it have [...]


15 Unseen Powerful Documentary Photography Stories


Documenting people and the stories beyond the ordinary is one of the fascinating and daunting task in terms of Photojournalism. The Lives of those affected, the way they come into terms into reality & [...]


The Cat Family – A Grand Collection of Wild Photographs


Felidae, this word might sound weird to most of us, but this is how the family of big cats is called biologically. The most closest & familiar felid being our domestic cat which is [...]


Soulful & Emotional Photography by Emmanuelle Brisson


If you Leave you will come back soon, and you will find me as i was! and I will always be there for you! There will be 300 places between you and me, but [...]


The Best Indian Wedding Photographer Portfolios For Inspiration – Part 1


If you were a couple in India getting married, even as recently as five years ago, the wedding photographer was picked by your parents. Invariably, he was someone your parents or extended family had [...]


Interview with Bird Photographer Fabs Forns


Few words about you and Photography? After dabbling in other creative activities as oil painting, music and writing, I finally found photography to be my big passion. A relative latecomer to the art, my [...]