Fineart Portrait Photography by Berta Vicente


It is an absolute trendsetter for the genre of fine-art photography. Lately there has been many wonderful photographers who take up fineart genre and amaze the world with their talent. Here we have Berta [...]


25 Movies Every Photographer / Cinematographer Must Watch – Part 5


An another great list of Best Movies for Photographers. These pictures are very strong in story as well as photography. Make sure you explore much from the cinematographers of these movies, the way the [...]


Powerful Portfolio Websites of Documentary Photographers


A Wonderful collection for all aspiring documentary photographers and photojournalists out there. Yet again we bring you this collection of Photo journalists and documentary photographers. As usual great effort was put in by us in bringing [...]


Impressive Landscape Photography by Jason Theaker


Meet Jason Theaker, who has emerged as an inspiration for most of the Landscape Photographers. His Pictures are spectacular in-terms of Light and for the variety of landscapes he has worked on. He feels [...]


Brazil – Beautiful Destination For Travelers And Photographers


Every Travel Photographers dream destination would be Brazil for the variety of culture and just the joy of being there. Our Masters of Photography have always rejoiced us with the wonderful colors and Joyful [...]


Photography Books from the Masters – Part 2


It is always grand to hear it from the Masters of Photography. The Forms of photography drifting between art and various cultures doesn’t need any introduction. One need to feel the pictures in book [...]


Shooting the Decisive Moment – Ultimate Tips & Examples


“There is a creative fraction of a second when you are taking a picture. Your eye must see a composition or an expression that life itself offers you, and you must know with intuition [...]


Interview with Street Photographer Rui Palha


Rui Palha’s Pictures have an unique sense of light and a great mood of solitudeness. Wonderful monochrome pictures with extremely good aesthetics and light over the field of empty streets speak like a mild [...]


Soulful Fineart Photography by Hari Roser


Can you please introduce yourself? My name is Hari Roser. I´ve spent 2 years in Flickr with the screen name “slipper buddha”. I am an Architect and a Teacher at the University. How you [...]


10 Simple Steps to Mastering Composition by Ian Plant


Ian Plant, a Professional Landscape Photographer speaks about some useful and easy steps in Mastering the Art of Composition in this wonderful Tutorial. Feel free to explore more from his pictures and get inspired. [...]