Steve McCurry – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


One Photographer who is famous all over the globe arguably for one picture he shot in his life time named as the afghan girl. Steve McCurry doesn’t need much of an introduction amongst the […]


Inspiring Indian Street Photography by Swarat Ghosh


Street Photography becomes the most sorted genre when your photographs are the most compelling and easily understood by any viewer. To achieve that kind of feat is no easy by all means, here we […]


Everything about Aperture, Shutter Speed and Exposure


We thought of bringing something grand for all the beginners and amateurs of photography out there. An article which can make an amateur know about the prime elements of photography and stuff inside his […]


10 Most Powerful Photo Essays about Nuclear Power Plants


World would have been a much better place to live without Nuclear power and this clause becomes very much an unidentified dream as we go through some of the photo-stories here. Why does that […]


Effectively Incorporating Light Flares in Your Photos


Guest Article by:  Gughan Bose Light Flares are often undesirable, as they reduce the overall contrast of the photo. One of the uses of lens hoods is to eliminate flares. Although they are undesirable […]


Soulful Street Photography by Carmelo Eramo


This week, we are showcasing an outstanding street photographer Carmelo Eramo from Italy. Every photograph here is vivid in its artistic value and expressive in terms of emotions and culture. Lets get to listen […]


My 100 Favorite Movies you will love


Movies have always been my fascination since childhood, having born in India made this urge and passion for movies even higher. I am Venkat Prakash, a designer by profession and an artist by heart. […]


Story Behind My Photographs by Mohammad Moniruzzaman


This is a fresh start to our new series, which we believe to enact well with some great photographers around the world. My photographs and most importantly the story behind the pictures will open […]


Shooting a Street Portrait – 5 Must Read Tips


A Portrait from your portfolio is more or less  solid to determine the character and vision of you the photographer. Shooting a good portrait is no easy task for even the professionals, one may […]


Soul Pleasing Photography by Maria Kallin


Maria Kallin, a nature photographer from the city of Stockholm. She loves to capture the wonderful artsy feel in the flowers and says she almost draws inspiration from a lot of photographers out there. […]