Pau Ll. Buscató from Norway is an Architect by profession. He always love to attention small details in every day life. If you observe Pau’s portfolio you can easily find out his extraordinary skills about composition and framing. For Pau, there is no formula to take good picture, but patience, persistence and luck is very important for him.

In this short interview with, Pau shares his personal views and inspiration about photography.

Pau Ll. Buscato - An Architecture who Passionate in Street Photography

Can you please introduce yourself?

I was born in Barcelona on September 20th 1975 and live in Norway since 2009. I spent 9 years in Ibiza from age 8 to 17, and after that studied architecture in Barcelona and a year in Oslo as an exchange student. Over the years I specialised in 3d visualisations of architecture projects, something quite related to photography.

I’ve always been quite an observant person, liking to pay attention to small details, and not so long ago I started recording them with a camera.

How did this love for street photography happen?

Somewhere in 2012, after being quite lost with my camera for almost two years, I understood that what I enjoyed most was trying to catch the little absurdities of everyday’s life. Before that I was too focused on cameras, lenses, etc.. and looking at the wrong sites. Discovering the iN-PUBLiC collective was a nice push in the right direction, too, and from there I reduced my equipment to a minimum, deleted all the photos I had online and started over again. I shot only black and white film for a long time, which I think helped me focus and learn about basic things like light and composition.

In March 2014 I added to my photos an important and challenging variable, Colour, and I really like to have that extra element to play with in the streets and haven’t been back to b&w since then.

What mostly catches your eye as a street photographer?

In the streets I like to be very open and let my intuition and imagination guide me, so I normally don’t go with a predefined idea of what I’m gonna shoot. But generally, I’m trying to find those small details that turn an average everyday event into something special. Little absurdities, repetitions, gestures, colour echoes, and scenes that trigger my imagination is what I’m looking for. I like to find connections between things, change the perception of an ordinary object by putting it next to another, etc.. while always trying to keep my frames as neat as possible.

For Pau, what does it take to make a good photograph?

I don’t think there’s a magic formula to make a good photograph, but patience, persistence and luck are pretty important. One of the most difficult things though, is consistency: taking a good photograph, and then another good photograph and another one, etc.

Which photographers inspire you?

I’ve always enjoyed the works of:

There are some fantastic curated flickr groups like:

Your Gear?

Best compliment you received so far?

Once I received, out of the blue, a very short message from David Gibson saying it was “nice to see some of your photos”. I was quite in the beginning, still shooting only black and white and it was nice to get those few words from someone whose work you admire. A small gesture from him that encouraged me to keep working hard on street photography.

Your Inspiration?

Creativity inspires me, but not just in photography but in any other form too: Cinema, Literature, an Art Exhibition, etc.

Any final thoughts for our readers?

Too many equipment choices can be very distracting (and expensive), so I would advice to keep it to a minimum and focus on what really matters.

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