The Best Street Photographer Portfolios for Inspiration – Part3


Yet another grand list of Street Photographers. But let me tell you how this list will spur your thirst for street photography, there is so much to learn from these wonderful portfolios for beginners [...]


What is in my Camera Bag – Interesting Videos


Every single photography soul today jumping high with DSLR’s must have started his/her wonderful journey with a small point and shoot camera. Moving forward into the world of DSLR Photography, it doesn’t take you [...]


Children Portrait Photography By Monika Koclajda


Can you please introduce yourself? Hi, My name is Monika Koclajda. I am self taught photographer from Poland. i have 2 wonderful daughters who are my brave models : ) I love children photography [...]


Interview with Photojournalist Arindam Mukherjee


About you and photography? Photography is everything to me. I know that’s a big thing to say. Truth is I spend most of my time with photography. Either I am taking photos or reading [...]


Top 3 Prime Lenses every photographer should have


First up what is a Prime lens, a lens with a fixed focal length having a wonderful sensitivity to low light is the one. Taking into consideration the built quality or even avoiding them, [...]


Photojournalism Tips, Techniques and Tutorials


Every bit of art is an ongoing and ever learning process. Photography doesn’t bother to fail or fall away from this plot. A Successful artist is a constant learner, learning from his previous mistakes [...]


Showcase of Street Photographer Leonardo Amaro Rodrigues


Meet Leonardo Amaro Rodrigues from São Paulo – Brazil. Just listen to what he has to say about his style of Street Photography in Brazil. “Walking down the Streets and observing, i have always [...]


Tribes of the World – Stunning & Colorful Portraits


Any Social group which has started existing before the development can be termed as Tribes. The rate of evolution and their adaptation to the other parts of the civilized colonies is often an interesting [...]


15 Books from the Masters of Photography – Part 1


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Gregory Colbert – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


These Spell bounding Spectacular images are hauntingly beautiful. The man behind these masterpieces is Gregory Colbert. These Pictures are from his series Ashes and Snow. Taken over a period span of 15 years, colbert [...]