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My Personal Best: Shams Sourav

My Personal Best: Bangladeshi Photographer Shams Sourav

I am Shams, an aircraft engineer by profession and a passionate self-taught photographer focusing on people and the street. I was born in Narsingdi, a small town in Bangladesh but currently living in Dhaka. I became interested in photography back in 2013 when I was a student at university. When…

Personal Best: Christelle Enquist

My Personal Best: Travel Photographer Christelle Enquist

Hey everyone, Christelle Enquist here. I’m part Spanish part Swedish, born and raised in Singapore and currently living in Barcelona. In another life, I was the Client Director in an advertising agency but after 10 years I quit my job. My photographic journey (and new life) began 4 years ago…

Interview With Street Portrait Photographer Sal Patalano

Interview With Street Portrait Photographer Sal Patalano

Sal Patalano from the United States is retired from the corporate world in 2016 and he is passionate about photography especially he loves to capture portraits from Streets. In his words about street photography, “I love the immediacy of the moment. I love the connection with a stranger that I…

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