Here are the Breathtaking Winning Photos Of Birth Becomes Her Photo Contest 2018. This is the first contest of Birth Becomes Her. There are total 966 photographs submitted around the globe and over 22,000 public votes worldwide.

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Overall Winner By Marijke Thoen

Photo By: Marijke Thoen

Birth 1st Place By Selena Rollason

Photo By: Selena Rollason

Breastfeeding 1st Place By Cory Janiak

Photo By: Cory Janiak

Fresh/Postpartum 1st Place By Veronika Richardson

Photo By: Veronika Richardson

Labor 1st Place By Rebecca Coursey

Photo By: Rebecca Coursey

Maternity 1st Place By Jen Conway

Photo By: Jen Conway

Birth 2nd Place By Neely Ker-Fox

Photo By: Neely Ker-Fox

Birth 3rd Place By Dominique Lamontagne

Photo By: Dominique Lamontagne

Breastfeeding 2nd Place By Veronika Richardson

Photo By: Veronika Richardson

Breastfeeding 3rd Place By Christina Benton

Photo By: Christina Benton

Fresh/Postpartum 2nd Place By Lacey Barratt

Photo By: Lacey Barratt

Fresh/Postpartum 3rd Place By Kayla Gonzales

Photo By: Kayla Gonzales

Labor 2nd Place By Ashley Marston

Photo By: Ashley Marston

Labor 3rd Place By Laura Wando

Photo By: Laura Wando

Maternity People’s Choice Winner & 2nd Place By Melissa Benzel

Photo By: Melissa Benzel

Maternity 3rd Place By Vanessa Mendez

Photo By: Vanessa Mendez

Birth People’s Choice Winner By Caroline Devulder

Photo By: Caroline Devulder

Breastfeeding People’s Choice Winner By Gabriella Hunt

Photo By: Gabriella Hunt

Fresh/Postpartum People’s Choice Winner By Deborah Elenter

Photo By: Deborah Elenter

Labor People’s Choice Winner By Esther Edith

Photo By: Esther Edith