The Secret of Eyes in Portrait Photography


Guest Article by : Siddharthan Raman Eyes are the prime for any portrait. Any Psycho-physiological experience termed as emotion is interpreted through a dual screen theater called Eyes.Those Anger, Disappointment, Curiosity, Fear, Hope, Happiness, [...]


Soul Pleasing Nature Photography by Vicky Morin


Vicky Morin was born in Quebec in Canada and is a professor of literature for 15 years. She has always been interested in photography, but in the last 4 yrs she started practicing it [...]


Stock Photography Tips, Ideas and Tutorials


Stock Photography is photographs licensed for specific uses. In digital world, stock Images have huge demand. There are two types of Stock Images, Royalty-Free (RF) and Royalty-Managed (RM). The major markets for stock photography [...]


35 Awesome Examples of Cinematic Photography


There is no particular rule to define Cinematic Photography. A Cinematic shot looks as a frame that could be taken from a movie. The mood, lighting, atmosphere, characters are really important for this particular [...]


The 121 Clicks Photo Contest – Black and White Portrait Photography


Photo Credits : Yura Kurnosov, Jeroen Oosterhof We are happy to inform you, The 121 Clicks Photo Contest for April 2012 in the category of “Black and White Portrait Photography”. Please check the below [...]


Interview with Indian Street Photographer Prateek Dubey


Hi Prateek, can you please introduce yourself? I am an inquisitive person. I want to know about everything, whether it is about the human heart or a jet engine, a car’s exhaust or the [...]


Showcase of the Week – M.R.Krishnamoorthy (MRK)


M.R.Krishnamoorthy (MRK), an amateur photographer, practicing photography for 2 and half years now is working in the software field. Photography is his true passion. “It is only one and half years ago that I [...]


Beautiful Bangladesh – Amazing and Inspiring Photographs


Bangladesh is a small and beautiful asian country bordered by India and Burma and by the Bay of Bengal to the south. The capital is Dhaka, located in central Bangladesh. Other major cities include [...]


Photo Story – Pollywood’s Last Gasp by Zackary Canepari


Documentary Project By: Zackary Canepari Pashto Cinema, named after the language of the ethnic Pashtuns that occupy the tribal border regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan, have recently come under direct thread from the Taliban [...]


Inspire with Natural Lighting in Photography


Guest Article by : Siddharthan Raman Photography in simple words is recording light. This article brings you the basics of natural lighting for photographers with some beautiful examples. Natural light photography, sometimes called available [...]