Iceland – Fineart Landscapes by Michael Schlegel


Silence of Iceland, brilliant choice of monochrome from Michael Schlegel makes it even more compelling for one to gel with these photographs. Silence and art walks holding hands in these misty and icy landscapes [...]


10 Hot Lenses worth the money for your DSLR


There is this never ending love, you can even call it as lust when it comes to lenses and photographers. The Prime lenses, Telephoto Zoom lenses, and the Ultra wide fish eye lenses or [...]


Inspiring People Photography by Pranabesh Das


The very feel of innocence from the people, enchanting colors and some scene of rural Bangladesh. The memoirs of childhood and some poetry with camera forms the world for Pranabesh Das. His Pictures doesn’t [...]


Ara Güler – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Fondly called as the Eye of Istanbul, Ara Güler  is a Turkish PhotoJournalist hailing from Istanbul. He did grow up with the friends belonging to arts circle, which made him to do lot of [...]


The Underwater Project by Mark Tipple


Remarkable achievement in the field of underwater photography. Read how a single photo can change the life of a photographer, the project he chose to interpret through his photographs is no wonder called the [...]


Photography Books from the Masters – Part 3


It is always grand to hear it from the Masters of Photography. The Forms of photography drifting between art and various cultures doesn’t need any introduction. One need to feel the pictures in book [...]


Beautiful Wildlife Photography by Simon Roy


Pleasant surprises, the animals which are not wild yet capturing the wildest behaviours of them is one of the favorite hobbies for Simon Roy. Great in clarity and vividness these pictures tell us what [...]


35 Fantastic Color Street Photographs


We did publish a list of fantastic black and white street photographs in our previous post, now as promised this is time for some vibrant color pictures of street photography. To be honest, it [...]


35 Fantastic Black and White Street Photographs


We bring you a list of 35 photographs of street photography, which are delightful for any aspiring street photographer. The Play of shadows, the fusion of light and the decisive moment and various other [...]


Being the Best Travel Photographer – Tips & Examples


Travel Photography is arguably one of the most enchanting genres of photography. There are always a variety of scope, when one goes onto travel this world. Every place we visit is unique for the [...]