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Smoke Photography Tips, Tutorials and Videos

#1 Capturing The Smoke – Amazing Smoke Photography Tutorial

Everyone has seen smoke in various forms. For some, smoke is an allergy and for some, smoke is an inspiration. If you belong to the latter category, welcome to the world of smoke photography.

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#2 How to Photograph Smoke – Step-by-Step Tutorial

Smoke photography can be extremely frustrating yet fulfilling at the same time. It all depends on how you approach the subject. If you have spare time and/or stuck indoors on a rainy day, then it’s the perfect opportunity to try the technique.

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#3 How To Capture a Stylish Smoke Photograph

Today we’re going to delve into the arena of smoke photography, investigate some of the post-processing techniques available to you, as well as a few different methods for obtaining certain effects. Grab your camera, and join us after the jump!

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#4 How to use a smoke bomb photography to create awesome images.

Smoke bomb photography is a technique of adding a realistic and unusual effect of smoke to your portrait, street, or wedding photography images.

#5 Smoking Permitted: An Interview with Photographer Graham Jeffery on Smoke Photography

Who would have thought that combining an incense stick, black velvet, a dark room, and the camera could result in some of the most amazing and creative images ever to be seen?

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#6 Smoke Photography Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will show you how to process your smoke photographs using Photoshop. This is a follow up to the tutorial on How to Photograph Smoke – Step-by-Step Tutorial. If you want to know how to photograph smoke.

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#7 Sensitive Light

This is one of the more recent single plume pictures taken early in 2010. If you can recognize a shape in the smoke or can think of a better name for the picture (shouldn’t be hard) then feel free to leave a comment for us all to enjoy.

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#8 Smoke Trail Art in Flickr

An Amazing Flickr Gallery by Will Cook Photography

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#9 Art Smoke Group in Flickr

Flickr Group for Smoke Art Photography.

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Smoke Art Photography Videos

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