Either to go by the theory of relativity or to bind and accept the basic law of human desire, it is almost impossible not to expect fame from our creations. By all means it becomes acceptable and understandable when an artist looks for appreciation and fame for his creations. So how do we go beyond the attitude of fame, in first place how do we reach towards fame and its additional theories. Here in this interesting article, I have highlighted some key aspects to be taken into keen interest if you really want to be famous, in this case a famous photographer.

Going hunting for mysteries - 5 Simple Tips to be a Famous Photographer
Photo Credit : André Bernardo

1) Knowing your Strength

This starts with a very simple question, What do you do? Knowing our very own strengths and boundaries are extremely important. They will help you to move one step further towards fame in the right direction and with the right attitude. Consistency with a narrow run towards your strength would give you a wonderful portfolio for others to inspire from. Be it Street Photography or Wildlife, do not blindly follow others. There has to be vision within yourself to be shown to the world, discover that. Well that particular vision could be your massive strength, the one which you will start admiring to and the one which your fans will love too.

Kamohoali - 5 Mistakes to avoid being a Photographer
Photo Credit : Stephen Criscolo

2) Socializing

How will you promote your work? If you think about social networking, Well there are millions of photographers with billion likes for fan-pages, for i am not sure if they are really worth for. So how would you compete. The key here is to believe in yourself, start to prepare a plan for the ultimate goal. Learn something which you haven’t done before, staying unique is a brilliant option. There are numerous other methods to socialize, I know a photographer who distributed his pictures in 1000 envelopes to all over the world for free, then someone who did a solo gallery show in middle of busy market place. So what did they reap out of these super stunts? Yes, there is appreciation, recognition, in other words fame.

Your turn with God - 5 Mistakes to avoid being a Photographer
Photo Credit : Oleg Oprisco

3) The Habit of Winning

  • Play a game with your photographer friend, the one who knows about Bresson.
  • Start guessing 10 of Bressons Street Photographs.
  • Chart out the pictures in both the lists
  • 90% of the pictures would be same from both of you.

Meaning it is more about the winning photographs. People believe this, memorize and it stays forever in their minds. This has been proved in all forms of art. Our Masters will always be known for that stunning 10 photographs which they had produced during their lifetime. Not to forget, we call them Masters because of their 100’s of brilliant pictures, but the residue of this magnificence, a whole career is a very small number. Start producing the winning picture, the one which would be hard to wipe out from the people’s memory. The one which you would eventually be known for.

Triumph - 5 Simple Tips to be a Famous Photographer
Photo Credit : Taylor Marie McCormick

4) Inspire Others

It is easy to inspire people. Love the art and believe in something which you will always cherish for a long long time, create your visions which will carry your name. And by the time you leave, you will have millions of followers who possibly would not know you but will be familiar with your art. Travel in a path less traveled, you will be noticed maybe a little later but its for sure. There is this surrenderance to art when you are continuously creating, the vision is to not think about the people who are following you or to impress someone who disliked your earlier creations. Knowing your vision well and translating them into beautiful creations itself is a grand formula to inspire others.

Howl - 5 Simple Tips to be a Famous Photographer
Photo Credit : Aaron Nace

5) Consistency & Compassion

This is more about making the people, your fans chant your name. The Longer they chant, the longer they follow you with a group growing every now and then. How to retain this army of fans, what if all of a sudden they vanish away from you. Think about the word reputation and consistency, analyse every publish, questions yourself is it worth enough to show to my fans? Be a self critic, remember one should be a harsh critic of his own work. Show the people, and treat your fans with a royal art. This will make them cherish you for years to come and they might pick you as a topic while speaking about photography, since you are already famous.

Curious Winds - 5 Mistakes to avoid being a Photographer
Photo Credit : Luke Takes Photos

6) The Final Fruit

After all the hard and rigid route to fame, how would someone feel after conquering it. Fame shouldn’t be the primary reason for you to create something, it comes as a result of your vision and magnificent creations. Learning lessons from the past, there were many wonderful artists who had nothing to do with fame during their lifetime. During Van Gogh’s lifetime, none of his paintings were sold, people were not even willing to take them for free. Today we all know who he is and all these only happened after his lifetime. Chase fame and recognition but not at the cost of losing your self intent and the passion for art.

The Forbidden Fruit - 5 Simple Tips to be a Famous Photographer
Photo Credit : Moritz Aust

All the best.

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