To presume any form of art is to gain a kind of constant flow of energy on to our system and above all convert that energy into happiness. For Instance in Photography, how does one happily go about shooting pictures and assume himself as a good photographer. This is more of a mental thing rather than being a good photographer, the constant drive within you and the confidence plus the faith you have in you as a photographer.

Before walking further on the guidelines, let us speak more gently on various topics which would definitely make you feel good as a photographer.

A photographer jumping for joy during sunset - How to be a Happy Photographer
Photo Credit : Sayid Budhi


There is a very popular saying in photography. When someone asked what is the best camera or the best lens in photography, the answer would be the one you have in your hand & the one on your camera. One should realize it’s the eyes of the photographer which are more important than any valuable glass or a camera. Learn to see the beauty in and around, start to appreciate the wonderful things happening around us every day. The Camera must be the prime tool to teach you how to see the world, the most beautiful place without a camera. Even if you hold the best camera in the world today, there will be a better instrument tomorrow, so it’s time we develop our senses, the beauty of recognizing the magic around us.

Vintage Camera - How to be a Happy Photographer
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Level of Work

Photography is a constantly evolving form of art, by which a truly passionate photographer tends to learn from every single photograph he shoots and every time he steps out on his journey. Set yourself a benchmark for which you will have to cross it or fall in place with your personal bests. So how would you know this photograph is my personal best and this will be my new benchmark. Listen to your instincts, the one which would make you longingly happy, the picture which lasts in time should be the one. Do not go with the likes or favorites in social networking. Do not get misguided for the choice of laymen in and around social networking sites.

Phoenix - How to be a Happy Photographer
Photo Credit : Ashok Saravanan


The very important aspect in any artists work. Nobody would like to hear bad reviews or critics about his work. Every artist does put his soul and senses into his artwork, the same applies to a photographer. Right from the moment he shot the photograph to the end product after post processing, there is a lot of wear and tear into the making of it. So how would one react to when there is a bad review, obviously it is going to hurt. So how would you react? Make sure it comes from a person worth enough to comment if not try to breakdown the points he/she puts on your work.

Analyze how valuable are they, do they make any sense. If not keep up the good work, but if it does make some sense, make sure you thank them for the valuable comments they made, which would definitely help you grow more as a wonderful artist. Psychologically what happens is every time we tend to satisfy the critics who did say something or the other about our works in the past, Get away from this phenomenon, create for you. Remember you don’t create to get good critic nor it is more important than the very thought of creating itself.

Be happy - How to be a Happy Photographer
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Fame & Recognition

Every single person’s dream would be to get recognized and attain fame for the work he/she do. But the aftermath is something which needs to be carefully handled in any art form or even in our social life.

Osho seems to take it much further, for him fame or recognition should hit an artist only posthumous. For it may not change his nature of work not affect his behavior by any means. Take it lightly, the followers, fans, and fame would not follow you the moment you stop creating. Understand this basic concept; one should start to realize it is the creation which will stand longer than the artist himself.

Return To Flight - How to be a Happy Photographer
Photo Credit : Joel Robison

Faith & Self Realization

Belief in your creations, make them stand tall and feel proud. Hold yourself together & cleanse your soul for the place to create art needs to be sane. Realize that there are n numbers of great human-beings out there from whom we could constantly inspire and dwell upon to create masterpieces.

Cheeni Kum - How to be a Happy Photographer
Photo Credit : Siddharthan Raman

Believe me; these basic concepts would elevate you to a new level. And let’s all wish and make our wishes true to become a happy photographer.

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