It might have been invented in the early 1800s, but photography never gets old. On the contrary, it keeps advancing in tandem with technology, which basically means a growing demand for skilled photographers as the years go by.

Consequently, having photography skills can open up a myriad of opportunities to earn an income, where the digits may depend on various factors, including your skill level, your marketing approach, and how good you are at taking opportunities.

Want to make money from your photography skills while studying? If so, stick around for inspiration on how you can monetize your artistic side.

Photography Students Can Make Money

Benefits of Learning Photography

For starters, photography is an exciting form of art that allows you to express your creativity and increase your technical skills. While you can take it as a hobby, knowing your way around working with the camera is also a great way to earn a stable income.

Perhaps the best part is that learning photography isn’t a speck close to rocket science. It’s pretty easy; you can take it up as a side-course while in college or even while working. Either way, the proceeds you get from your skills in photography can give you a financial boost in various ways.

Let’s take a look at a classical example.

Using your photography earnings to reduce your student loan

In America and around the world, hearing about people (probably millions) who are stressed and overwhelmed by student loans is hardly news in this day and age. It is also not surprising that most of the people who feel the pinch hardest are either unemployed or in-between jobs, with a significant portion underpaid or working more than one job to keep up with the rising daily demands.

So, besides getting a student loan that fits your budget while in college, one of the best ways to prevent this kind of scenario is to acquire additional skills on the side during your college years. And if you choose photography, you can use it to reduce the stress associated with student loan debt, from as early as you finish college or even before you graduate.

Photography Students Can Make Money

Ways You Can Monetize Photography Your Skills as a Student

As a photography student, making money from your creativity and skills shouldn’t be a buzzkill.

A few ways you can monetize your passion include.

1. Sell your prints at art fairs

This is among the best ways to get your work out to the world as a student photographer. While you may not make money from the first couple of shows you exhibit at, you’ll gradually build a reputation for being a reputable photographer.

Each time you exhibit, your credentials and brand awareness improve. As a photographer, you’ll be representing the good side of your craft and there’s always a chance you might gain some commissions from your clients.

2. Photograph at local events

Know of upcoming events within your local area? Why not approach the organizers for a chance to become an assistant photographer or even the main photographer for the vent? As much as it might take keeping up with local magazines, event blogs, and all, being active on social media can also yield you great opportunities to take photography jobs.

3. Try selling your work at stock photo websites

Stock photo agencies are always on the lookout for new talented photographers to contribute to their sites. Being one of the cheapest ways to get your images out there, your photos can make you some good chums, if not some serious money a few months or years down the line.

The list of sites you can try is literally endless, but for starters, you can consider checking out the likes of iStock, Etsy, Shutterstock, and Zenfolio.

4. Start your own photography blog

Whatever your area of interest, you’ll have a clear idea of where your work can fit in. Blogging, especially a personal blog, can help you start and build your brand as a professional photographer.

Moreover, your blog can be a great opportunity to connect with potential clients and make an income through affiliate programs. Remember, you can start off small or you can start big. It’s all up to you.

As you advance your skills in photography, more and more avenues for making money open up. For instance, it may reach a point when you specialize in one of the many kinds of photography, from fashion to architecture, fine art, or travel. If it’s the latter, you could even think of becoming a tour guide photographer, which happens to be among the best-paying jobs in professional photography.

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