You must check these beautiful photos of Magnificient Pond. Kent Shiraishi captured this pond in every season. Some of these photos are quite famous, he won the National Geographic Prize and Blue Pond is a famous wallpaper in Mac System. Thanks for watching.

Kent Shiraishi explains about Magnificient Pond:

I’m Kent Shiraishi. Photography for me is a type of self-expression. I studied photography in university but dropped out because it wasn’t interesting for me. Later I tried a summer school, but eventually, I ended up learning by myself.

My first picture taken was of my grandfather who gave me a camera as a present. My favorite place for taking pictures is Hokkaido, Japan – the most beautiful place in the world.

This blue pond in Hokkaido changes colors depending on the weather. For example, in spring it turns into spectacularly green color. The artificial pond was created as a part of erosion control system that was built to prevent Biei in case of an eruption of Mount Tokachidake. This pond is blue because of aluminum hydroxide.

If you’re a Mac user you may be familiar with the “Blue Pond” wallpaper. That picture is made by me at the same place as all of these pictures.

What a dreamy spot for photographers.

You can find Kent Shiraishi on the Web:

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