100 Wildlife Photographers you should follow

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Wildlife Photography doesn’t need much of an introduction. What makes us go in awe is the amount of patience with  time and dedication most of the grand masters of usually put in to get a good shot. A grand list of photographers who have dedicated their life and has got some intense passion towards the wildlife and exotic nature. How gracious would it be if we brought you these marvelous photographer altogether, yes we intended to surprise you with this article.

The 100 wildlife and nature photographers you should follow, adding to that we wanted to keep as this list as useful as possible to both aspirants and professionals as well. Hence there wouldn’t be harm in bookmarking this page for future reference too.

Photographers displayed by Alphabetical order.

Andy Rouse
© Andy Rouse

Austin Thomas
© Austin Thomas

© C.S.Ling

David Lloyd
© David Lloyd

Federico Veronesi
© Federico Veronesi

Ganesh H Shankar
© Ganesh H Shankar

John Hyde
© John Hyde

Kalyan Varma
© Kalyan Varma

Marina Cano
© Marina Cano

Marsel van Oosten
© Marsel van Oosten

Paul Nicklen
© Paul Nicklen

Roeselien Raimond
© Roeselien Raimond

Stefano Ronchi
© Stefano Ronchi

Susan McConnell
© Susan McConnell

Tim Laman
© Tim Laman

Well if your count is right, we are 25 photographers short and would like you to find those 25 wonderful photographers from your perspective. Please list your favorite wild life photographer in the comments section and we will be more than happy to add them for you and complete this perfect professional wildlife photographers database.

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  1. What about Andy Biggs ? Excellent wildlife pictures.

  2. Mohammad Farhan says:

    nice clicks ………..i also want to be a wildlife cameraman

  3. I have been following this photographer from Malta, a country renown for being a black spot for birds, and I am simply amazed by man of his images. He strives to portray the beauty of birds, even the commonest sparrows! He has some amazing action shots too.

    • Dennis Donohue says:

      Really, come on he can’t hold a candle to some missing people like Joe McDonald, Art Morris, Andy Biggs, to name a few.

  4. Sujit Pavithran says:

    I think 2 names missing from this list are are Gururaj Moorching and Arati Kumar-Rao (aratirao.com)

  5. Nicola Seed says:

    Gareth Carter and Greg du Toit

  6. Scelgo come miglior foto quella di Stefano Ronchi

  7. Please add Dritimann Mukharjee

  8. juna says:

    V Krishnan


    Great photographher and mentor

  9. juna says:

    Krishnan V

    wild life photographer and mentor

  10. Drithiman Mukherjee
    Kiran poonacha
    Clement Francis
    Jayanth Sharma

  11. Sudhir Shivaram says:

    Sandesh Kadur and Jayanth Sharma are two folks missing in this list as per me.


  12. Santosh says:

    I’d like to suggest the following names:
    Chris Johns
    Christian Ziegler
    Denis Huot
    Dereck and Beverley Joubert
    Florian Schultz
    Greg du Toit
    Igor Shpilenok
    Jari Peltomaeki
    Jayanth Sharma
    Jonathan Scott
    Mark Carwardine
    Ole Jorgen Liodden
    Sachin Rai
    Sandesh Kadur
    Thomas Peschak
    Tony Heald
    Vincent Munier
    Will Burrard-Lucas

  13. Debalina says:

    Abhijit is a regular visitor in Bandhavgarh National Park, where tiger density is one of the highest in the world. His photographs depicts theflora and fauna of the Bandhavgarh region.

  14. Riteja Premy says:

    Amazing list of photographers you have listed here; quite exhaustive. It seems that Sargam Jain is another name that should find place here. He has captured very beautifully the wildlife found in India, especially in the desert regions of Rajasthan. Please follow his Flickr album and decide.

  15. Very unhappy to find that the National Geographic Emerging Explorer Sandesh Kadur is not there in the list.

  16. Carlo Cefis says:

    per me la foto migliore è quella di Stefano Ronchi.

  17. Danilo says:

    I have only one that i know, his name is Luciano Candisani, from Brazil.

  18. This is a wonderful list. Thanks for doing this work. Thre is an addition, a wildlife photographer called Sandesh Kadur from Bangalore / http://www.sandeshkadur.com/‎
    He made a lot of documentaries for national geographic and animal planet

  19. Ive followed http://www.natureimages.in over the years and think its got some really great images. Its the website P.Srinivasan, a nature and wildlife photographer based out of Chennai

  20. TUSHAR NAIDU says:

    superb snaps, amazing work !!!

  21. tomjose says:

    Yeah sandesh kadur is the only wildlife photographer from national geographic in india. What about NA Naseer from kerala?

  22. http://www.facebook.com/manishgadiaphotography

    I definately think Manish Gadia should be on this list

  23. HDRphoto says:

    In my opinion all the photographers presented in this article are very talented and I think we should follow all of them.

  24. Anand P S achdeva says:

    Pl add Aditya singh, N C Dhingra Yash pal singh

  25. the photographer is Natalino Fenech

  26. Mukesh Bhati says:

    please add Tejas Sonihttp://500px.com/TejasSoni

  27. soumik sarkar says:

    Awesome pics …… I also want to be a wild life photographer

  28. John Gardner says:

    Guys. Surprised you left Andy Biggs out of the mix. Probably one of the most inspiring African wildlife photographers going over the past 10+ years. Just sayin’

  29. Maaike says:

    Jasper Doest
    Vincent Munier
    Sandra Bartocha
    Luciano Candisani
    Sandesh Kadur

  30. Aditya says:

    Clement Francis
    Dhrithiman Mukherjee
    Jayanth Sharma
    Kiran Poonacha
    Sachin Rai
    Sandesh Kadur

  31. Cheryl Ertelt says:

    Joe McDonald, Mary Ann McDonald

  32. Ed Kelley

    Great landscape and animal photographs! One of my favorites!

  33. Don Anderson says:

    Don Anderson, and Mike Lentz of Minnesota
    facebook http://www.facebook.com/don.anderson125

  34. Kitty Kono says:

    How about Art Morris http://www.birdsasart.com and Denise Ippolito deniseippolito.com? Their work is totally incredible.

  35. Karen Biiondi says:

    MELISSA GROO!!!!!!!

  36. Vincent Munier, FR
    Jasper Doest, NL
    Sandra Bartocha, D
    Roy Mangersnes, NO

  37. Colleen Richards says:

    Marie Read

  38. Anne says:

    Nikhil Bahl is a lesser known photographer, but he should definitely be on your list!

  39. Veronica Kareem says:

    Wow, there are some fabulous nature photographers listed here! I believe you overlooked one very talented photographer in Nathaniel Smalley. I’ve followed his work for a couple years now and he gets some really unique shots. Here is his website link for your review: http://www.nathanielsmalley.com/

  40. Troy Lim says:

    Certainly worth a look at some amazing work.

  41. Andy Astbury says:

    Speaking from a photography professionals point of view there’s a few glaring omissions on your “list” for sure, but the main two are:
    Uri Golman
    Martyn Colbeck

  42. Matt McKean says:

    Seems you missed of Elliott Neep..

  43. What about Grant Atkinson, he deserves a mention and a follow.

  44. Grant Atkinson is a legendary wildlife photographer and guide who deserves a mention and follow.

  45. Steve Sandler says:

    How about Juan Pons (http://juanpons.org) not only is he an incredible wildlife photographer, but he teaches people his skills via his workshops and his podcast.


  46. Matt McKean says:

    Jules Cox, Ben Hall, Peter and Beverley Pickford should be in that list for sure..

  47. Chris says:

    Found this page on Facebook. It appears quite new, but shows a great diversity of the smaller and less iconic species from birds, reptiles, right through to butterflies, rodents and scorpions…I’d say it’s worth a follow!

  48. Kuntal Nandi says:

    Dritimann Mukharjee

  49. Ernie Sears says:

    For your consideration: Stephen Tabone, http://stabone.com

  50. John Isaac
    Andy Biggs
    Ben Cranke
    Pia Dierickx
    Karin Van Couwenberg

  51. Victoria says:

    I would suggest Juan Pons, Arthur Morris and Hal Schmitt. Email me if you need gallery urls.

  52. Andy Walsh says:

    What about Max Moller, Tasmanian based wildlife photographer & filmmaker?

  53. Penny Dixie says:

    Did you mean to omit lots of the underwater photographers? I suppose they don’t use too much lenscoat gear :-)
    But, Alex Mustard and Tom Peschak to name just two of a huge list of luminaries

  54. Bruce Faanes says:

    Forgot Arthur Morris & Daniel Cox. As good as anyone out there!

  55. anne greene says:

    Melissa Groo and Tim Kuhn are fantastic!!!

  56. Lilo Brooks says:

    I’d like to add Karine Aigner to that list! http://www.karineaigner.com

  57. Steve uffman says:

    Tinman lee has huge following. Also award winning Hilary Hann

  58. Jennifer Clement says:

    Vladimir Kogan is also a brilliant nature photographer… check him out!

  59. One more vote for Joe and Mary Ann McDonald’s

  60. Martin says:

    How about Greg du Toit

  61. Adele says:

    An impressive list of fantastic photographers. Bravo! I would also suggest Chad Wright – A superb young and innovative photographer.

  62. Liz Brown says:

    My three most favourite photographers whose work takes my breath away time and time again are :
    Chad Cocking
    Keith Connelly
    Marlon du Toit
    How humbling it is to see such passion and talent around our beautiful planet.

  63. Martin says:

    Greg Oakley – stunning avian images

  64. Peter Maris says:

    Vincent Munier, FR
    Jasper Doest, NL
    Roy Mangersnes, NO

  65. Lori Sirianni says:

    Two amazing, professional wildlife photographers who should be included are Billy Dodson (www.savannaimages.com), and Michael North (www.michaelnorthimagery.com). Both of them have beautiful portfolios of African wildlife.

  66. Kevin has a very unique ability to capture images that “speak” to people. His patience and calmness has a direct influence on the animals he photographs. There seems to be a trust between the animal and the human. He continues to amaze all of us as he produces images of animals almost daily. We all wonder how he can find these moments. I truly feel he is one of the up and coming talents in the wildlife genre and will be a staple for a long time to come.

    • Kevin Dietrich http://www.kdietrichstudios.com has a very unique ability to capture images that “speak” to people. His patience and calmness has a direct influence on the animals he photographs. There seems to be a trust between the animal and the human. He continues to amaze all of us as he produces images of animals almost daily. We all wonder how he can find these moments. I truly feel he is one of the up and coming talents in the wildlife genre and will be a staple for a long time to come.

  67. Billy Dodson, Nature Photographer – Savanna Images. http://www.savannaimages.com/

  68. Rosie says:

    Why is Chad Cocking not on this list ? He’s an amazing photographer and is always being featured in the National Geographic !

  69. Rose says:

    Definitely Guy Ellis!
    Have a look – http://www.GuyEllisPhotography.com – You’ll definitely agree, especially with how he uses his photogrpahy in conservation efforts.

  70. Alexa Setzen says:

    Check out Guy Ellis.
    He is a lover of wild life and has a special way with Leopards!!

  71. Claire says:

    have you seen guyellisphotography.com… great pics!!!

  72. Joel says:

    Guy Ellis
    Amazing leopard images amongst other pictures which are used for conservation initiatives


  73. Rafi Setzen says:

    Guy Ellis Photography is untouchable! Find out more about him by clicking on this link. http://www.guyellisphotography.com/

    He’s an incredible wildlife photographer! VOTE GUY ELLIS! :)

  74. fabrizio says:

    hi guys please check out Guy Ellis photography.
    this man really takes great wildlife pictures and is very passionate about wildlife.

  75. Apostolis Vlahos says:

    Definitely the award winning Nicolas Lotsos (www.nicolaslotsos.com)should be in this list.

  76. Angele says:

    I follow posts of many amazing photographers from South Africa, some whom you already have listed, who never fail to disappoint: Chad Cocking Wildlife Photography, Keith Connelly Photographics, and brothers Tristan & Grayson Dicks of Nyamazane Photography. All offer something uniquely theirs.

  77. I would suggest GUY ELLIS. He captures the very soul of Africa through his wild life photography in a most unique and sensitive manner.

  78. I would suggest GUY ELLIS. He captures the very soul of Africa through his wild life photography in a most unique and sensitive manner.

  79. Olivia Sant' Angelo says:

    Why not have a look at Johan Siggesson’s images. Very talented photographer based in Malta.
    His website is: http://www.johansiggesson.com

  80. Helen says:

    Chad Cocking is awesome!!

  81. Gavin Setzen says:

    GUY ELLIS is remarkably talented wild life photographer – and a key photographer to be recognized for his work!http://www.guyellisphotography.com

  82. Gavin Setzen says:

    GUY ELLIS is a gem waiting to be discovered in the wildlife photography world!!!

  83. Jade says:

    Guy Ellis – http://www.guyellisphotography.com – his photographs express his unique love for wildlife and conservation


    Guy Ellis is a very talented young photographer. I think his work should be considered. See: http://www.guyellisphotography.com/

  85. We’re a gaggle of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community.
    Your web site provided us with valuable info
    to work on. You’ve performed a formidable activity and our
    entire neighborhood will be grateful to you.

  86. Zack says:

    Some more inspiration from

    Brendon Cremer
    Ben crank
    Andrew Schoeman
    Isaak Pretorius
    Thomas Peschak

  87. Kai says:

    Greg du Toit
    Marlon du Toit
    Chad Cocking
    Heinrich van den Berg

  88. Bhanu Singh says:

    As per me
    Aditya ‘Dicky’ Singh (http://www.dickysingh.com/)
    Dhritiman Maukherjee (http://www.dhritimanimages.com/)

  89. Stephan 'Stevie' Amm says:

    Hi, I’m really fascinated by wildlife and landscape photographer Radomir Jakubowski!



  90. Dewarrat says:

    http://www.schmidchris.com Have a look on his fabulous work!

  91. JanisArnoldDravenieks says:

    Tin Man Lee of Tin Man Photography on Facebook. He is the 2013 Windland Smith Rice award winner. His work is exquisite.

  92. Mike Muizebelt says:

    May I suggest my own fan page as well?


  93. Renata Ewald says:

    Isak Pretorius,one of my favorites,please look at his work!

  94. Brad says:

    Mark Hendricks

  95. Brad says:

    Mark Hendricks

  96. Guest says:

    Andrea Schmidt – Amazing photographer and conservationist from one Brasilian magazine.

  97. Rafael Sampaio says:

    Andrea Schmidt – Amazing photographer and conservationist – Brasilian magazine.

  98. Julio says:

    Sorry, but Marina Cano? Wildlife? 80% or pics it´s have taking in a ZOOLOGICAL… Better choice MIGUEL LASA this is a REAL Wildlife photographer…

  99. Michael Galeone says:

    Ken Conger kencongerphotography.com

  100. Alan Reeves says:

    I would propose Bjorn Olesen, Glenn Bartley, Angela Mccain, Andy Nguyen, and Chris Krog.

  101. Nicolinah Shubane says:

    Peter Delaney shud be on the list.. Has won the BBC WPOTY and featured in Naturesbest ..,,I love his work.

  102. Gordon Taylor says:

    Ben Hall. His work is totally inspirational!



  103. John McFall says:

    Dean Eades

  104. Blesbok says:

    Liz Potgieter wonderful photograph

  105. Roberta Simoni says:

    I suggest to add Giovanni Mari, his work is impressive.

  106. Pauline Greenhalgh says:

    Can I suggest our work too http://pmgiwildlifeimages.com/

  107. Marinela Luciana Baboianu says:

    Richard Constantinoff from Romania and Bogdan Boev from Bulgaria.

  108. kitneyi says:

    what about Greg du Toit – Wildlife photographer of the year @gregdutoit and Marlon Du Toit?

  109. Marinela Luciana Baboianu says:

    Richard Constantinoff, Romania – http://richardconstantinoff.deviantart.com/

    Bogdan Boev, Bulgaria – http://bogdanboev.deviantart.com/

  110. steve mcC says:

    sorry Marina Cano? she is zoo photographer and even photoshops animals into locations.

  111. Geoff’s images are original and stunning.

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