In April of this year, photography industry giant Nikon put its own spin on the trend of the virtual events by creating a program that would enable photography buffs to gain inspiration while also acquiring new skills. The brand even offered 10 Nikon School online photography classes free of charge until the end of April. The course covered topics such as a beginner’s guide to taking photos with a Nikon DSLR, tips on taking photos of pets and children, and the art of making music videos. Virtual events can, in fact, be utilized in many ways by aspiring and professional photographers alike.

Virtual Events Can Open Many Doors for Budding Photographers

Virtual photoshoots are here to stay

During the lockdown, many photographers found themselves out of work. This resulted in the birth of the virtual photoshoot. Virtual events programs such as Zoom and even FaceTime are being used by photographers to take photos of subjects that are often on the opposite side of the world. There are two methods commonly being used to capture photos via a virtual events platform. The one entails the photographer taking digital screenshots while the other will have the photographer take photos of the screen with their camera. In both instances, the backdrop and lighting in the photo rely heavily on the whereabouts of the model or subject. Even though the virtual photos are not of the same quality as those taken in-person, they do have a certain appeal to them that will afford the trend an increased chance at longevity.

Share tips and tricks via webinars

Thanks to a growing selection of virtual event platforms and applications, photography-themed webinars are fast gaining popularity. The greatest appeal of these online seminars and training courses is that it allows photographers from all over the world to join, without having to worry about exorbitant travel expenses. Countless tips, tricks, and new techniques can be shared without any attendee having to even leave their couch. Virtual training and meeting sessions are also extremely convenient for part-time photographers who have other working commitments during working hours when in-person sessions are generally conducted.

Attend photography shows across the world

Virtual event software is fast transforming photographic events as we know it. Every year, the Portrait Masters Conference attracts photographers from across the world. In 2019 the event was held in Phoenix, Arizona. This year, however, a live event was not to be and the organizers had to come up with an equally as alluring ‘Plan B.’

In the end, the 2020 edition of the Portrait Masters Conference went online, inviting anyone with a keen interest in photography to attend a spectacular online event. The event, which took place from 21 to 23 September, featured keynotes speakers such as Mark Seliger, Tabitha Coffey, and Sue Bryce. The event consisted of an online tradeshow, various Q&A and breakout sessions, portfolio reviews, and exciting competitions. Although this was the first time the annual event was held online, it was deemed a huge success and highlighted the potential virtual event has in the photographic industry.

Virtual events are fast becoming an integral part of our lives. The possibilities of how it can impact photography in the future appear to be, at this stage, almost limitless.

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