Do you consider yourself a fairly solid beginner painter? Did you originally get into it as a hobby and a way to relax, and now you’re finding you’re ready for a new challenge? The great thing about painting is that there are no rules, the only limit is your creativity. Taking your paintings from beginner to advanced level may be simpler than you thought, so why not give it a try? Here are some fabulous tips you can get started with, giving you the push you need to elevate your paintings.

Paintings From Beginner To Advanced Level

#1. It’s Time to Upgrade Your Tools and Supplies

It’s really hard to elevate your paintings if you don’t upgrade your tools and supplies. Better quality tools mean your paintings will look sharper and it will allow you to branch out and use different techniques. Even if you just upgrade a few items at a time, you’ll see the results instantly.

#2. Paint in Layers and Mix Mediums for Elevated Results

Using acrylic paint is a very beginner-friendly option. They tend to be simple to use and because you have such a wide array of colours to choose from, you can ensure the results are perfect.Acrylic paint also dries incredibly fast, which makes it the perfect choice for layering. You will be adding texture, dimension, and interest.

But don’t just stick to acrylics; try working with mixed media. When using a water-soluble medium such as gouache or watercolour, acrylic should be used on top. Meanwhile, acrylic paintcanbe used as a base layer when you want to work over it with chalk, pastels, or paint markers. Mixing the mediums allows you to be more expressive, and therefore elevate your results.

Paintings From Beginner To Advanced Level

#3. Add Dimension to Watercolour Paintings

If you enjoy the softness that watercolour offers but are finding your work is looking a bit flat, adding dimension can be the solution. Look at options like shimmering watercolour paints that add colour shifts and interest. They can transform what would be a rather standard painting into something that is eye-catching and unlike anything else. Metallic watercolours have a way of picking up the light that is just so beautiful and sophisticated.

#4. Give Abstract Painting a Try

Do you tend to paint specific subjects? Maybe you’re into painting landscapes, animals, people, and so forth. If so, a great idea is to give abstract painting a try. Abstract painting is all about uniqueness and not focusing on perfection. While that may sound easy, many artists find it harder to try abstract artwork. It can be difficult to tell yourself it’s perfect the way it is, and that there is beauty in imperfection.

Beginners may want to try layering their abstract ideas. You can use a variety of techniques such as collaging, stamping and mark-making giving the piece depth. The goal is to let your mind be free and erase any “rules” you think exist.

Paintings From Beginner To Advanced Level

Wow Yourself with the Results

Not only will you be able to elevate your paintings with these tips, but you’ll also wow yourself with what you’re capable of producing.

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