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Many years ago still life images were only presented as a pile of fruits or flowers and some vases. Wine, hunting products and some cutlery were also acceptable. With introducing photography in everyday life still life photos became more interesting. The art of still life is now also practiced in many countries all over the world. In some cultures, still life photography has even become one of the most popular hobbies for many people. Now, still life photography has become very popular and is practiced by many photographers all over the world.

Of course, people seek for the new ideas and expand horizons in this type of art. Internet made this even common. It’s a place where people buy food and clothes, hire employees, seek for research paper writing services, work and share their art over the world. Of course, all of this need an illustration. Now we see professionals in gadget photography, fashion-photography (we mean clothes and accessories itselves, without models) and other types of commercial product-photography. Of course, our world is full of amateurs. Their photos of cute things melt our hearts. So, below in this article we’ll show you some works of well-done still life photos to give you inspiration and fulfill you with ideas.

Still life photography ideas

#1 Shape play

This type of art will never be old! Add some life to still things by playing with the form. You can turn some plates into the chicken, rethink fruits as the air balloon, find the hidden beauty in a pin… We sure you see some new shapes in things you use every day!

Photo by: Sedef ISIK

Photo by: Sedef ISIK

#2 Find the use for chromakey

People don’t like to admit it, but they do believe in magic. So show them some of it! Flying objects are so mystical. What do you think about it?

Photo by: Sedef ISIK

Photo by: Sedef ISIK

#3 High-speed photography

Thankfully, still life photos today can be not that still as always. Splashes, shoots, falls. You can capture all of this!

#4 Freeze it!

You can literally freeze the moment by using the ice.

#5 Find the use of vocabulary

Using objects to compose words from it is a popular direction of still photography. Just try it! Add some word-related objects to your composition.

Photo by: Sedef ISIK

Photo by: Sedef ISIK

#6 Build your own world

Have you ever dreamed about the world how it should be? Build your vision of this perfect world and share it with others! Or try to re-think usual places with unusual objects. How about Egypt made of food?

Photo by: Sedef ISIK

Photo by: Sedef ISIK

Hope it inspired you! And we’ll see your masterwork nominated as best photos in the genre.

Photos by: Sedef ISIK

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