Having a successful Facebook page is the highest level of digital branding.

Why? It’s because this social media platform has the largest market share with 2.93-billion active monthly users. So, success on Facebook means great exposure and sales.

No wonder why every professional is in a constant struggle to improve their page’s performance. You’ll find them posting daily, developing strategies, and whatnot. Some even use growth services that help get Facebook free likes and followers.

However, growing a Facebook page isn’t that hard. Today, we’ll share some amazing must-know Facebook tips for photographers to help boost your page instantly. Let’s dive in!

Facebook Tips For Photographers

Post Consistently

Both algorithms and people prefer Facebook pages that are active.

When you post consistently, the viewers stay updated with the latest things going on in your photography business. This helps them feel involved and connected.

Plus, a study suggests that when one thing pops up again and again in front of someone, it encourages them to make a purchase. So, consistent posts are an excellent way to boost sales too.

As for algorithms, the activeness of a page triggers the bots to increase visibility. It shows the post on others’ feeds and even sends suggestion notifications.

Optimize Your Page

Never underestimate the power of optimizing your Facebook page. It helps increase the ranks of your page in the search results. So, when someone searches for photographers or photography, your page will pop up.

Here are some Facebook SEO tips to follow:

  • Fill in the About Us accurately
  • Use keywords in the content
  • Claim the vanity URL
  • Get backlinks

The keyword point is the most important. These key terms should be sprinkled naturally in your page title, about us, contact, and even the captions.

Facebook Tips For Photographers

Use Videos & Livestreams

Perhaps, we don’t need to emphasize the need for high-quality images for your page. As a photographer, you would know that people are attracted to flawless images. But, while trying to build a portfolio, don’t forget videos and live streams.

Research says that videos are 1200% more effective in delivering the message. They generate more likes and shares than any other content form. So, make sure you upload at least 1 to 2 videos every week.

These videos can be anything from a recap of the last year’s work or behind-the-scenes of a current project. You can even skip the trouble of video making and editing by going live.

Be Human

Engagement with the audience is crucial to create a loyal community. You need to interact, socialize, and let them know that there’s a real person behind the screen.

Post about your struggles and achievements. Make people feel comfortable and connect with them on similar grounds. They would feel more confident in doing business when they know you and them are alike.

Also, do not overstress about publishing overpolished content. Too much perfection often gives a fake and cold feel to your business.

Facebook Tips For Photographers

Run Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a great marketing tool that lets the platform handle the duty to increase exposure. Of course, it’s not free, but it’s worth the money.

All you have to do is select the post and sponsor it. Facebook will drive the results for you!

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