Newborn photography is one of the most popular genres in the world, and for a good reason. The first few days of life are fleeting, so capturing these moments is essential before they disappear forever. Trying to figure out how best to approach this type of shoot can be overwhelming, especially when working with an adorable little bundle of joy.

Here are some simple tips that will set you up for success and help you get stunning results in your newborn photography sessions.

Newborn Photography Tips

#1 Consider Hiring a Professional Baby Photographer

If you are looking for a professional baby photographer, it is essential to do your research. When looking at websites, look at the portfolio section of the site. Does their work show strong composition and creative techniques? Are the photos taken in natural light? Is there any evidence of Photoshop or other editing tools used in post-production?

Does their website contain a well-designed layout that is easy on the eyes? If they have a blog, check it out as well. It will give you an idea of how they write and express themselves online, which can indicate whether they would fit your personality and style well.

Furthermore, when looking for a photographer, consider one from your area. Try searching for these details location-wise. Thus, if you live in Washington, DC, look for a newborn photographer from your area. Choosing a local newborn photographer in DC can be one of the best decisions you make as a new parent. Here are some reasons to consider:

  • The photographer will know your area and may have experience with the type of location you hope to use for your shoot.
  • A local DC photographer can help select the best locations, saving you time and effort.
  • Local photographers will be familiar with the best times of day for outdoor shoots in DC, which can make all the difference in getting great photos.
  • Finally, you’ll be able to easily schedule sessions around nap times and feedings, which will keep your little one happy and comfortable during photos.

#2 Choose a Place with Ample Natural Light

Use the natural light to your advantage. Natural light is more flattering and forgiving than artificial light, so it’s great for newborn photography. In addition, it allows you to create various effects without purchasing additional equipment or spending hours retouching photos in post-production.

In terms of revenue, the photography industry will have a market size of $10 billion in 2022, as per research by IBIS World. The business is booming and is set to rise more, which is always helpful. Coming back to the point, one of the best times to shoot is at sunrise or sunset. The sunlight will be softer and warmer, which makes babies look especially cute in their photos.

#3 Use Pillows to Prop Your Newborn Up

You can use pillows to prop up a newborn in various positions. The first way to utilize pillows is to simply use them to support the head and neck of the infant. It will help keep the neck in a more natural position for less stress on the muscles and ligaments.

The second way pillows can be used is by placing them under the body of the baby, which allows you to have both arms and legs down. However, this position can sometimes cause babies’ feet or hands to fall asleep. Because they aren’t getting enough circulation, make sure not to leave this position too long.

The third way to use pillows with newborns is by placing them under their backside when lying on their stomachs so that they don’t roll over too quickly while sleeping. However, it can lead to some dangerous situations.

Just be sure not to use any kind of blanket with this method. Instead, just place your hands underneath them while they are sleeping, and then when ready, wake up slowly so as not to disrupt any sleep patterns.

#4 Get Down on the Baby’s Level

Next, get down on the baby’s level. A photographer crouched down or lying flat on her back can get a much more intimate perspective than someone standing up and looking down at the baby. Also, make sure to buy a better camera. A report by Digital Camera World states that Canon controls 48% of the camera market share, Sony 22%, and Nikon is down to 14% in 2021. Therefore, make your choice wisely.

If you have a beanbag or pillow handy or even a rolled-up blanket, prop yourself up so that you are at eye level with your subject. Try to be as close as possible without scaring them off. It may feel strange to be lying on the floor, but babies feel most comfortable when they have another human being in their sight that they recognize and trust.

Newborn Photography Tips

#5 Embrace Imperfection

One of the most crucial things to remember when taking photos of your newborn is that they are just babies. They don’t understand what’s happening and will not sit still for any length of time. They’ll likely be moving around a lot. That’s perfectly fine. It means you have some great opportunities for capturing pictures that are authentic to who your little one is.

You don’t need expensive equipment or fancy techniques to take fantastic photos with your smartphone. Creativity and an open mind about using the tools at hand work well.

#6 Take Advantage of Bath Time

There are many opportunities to take advantage of bath time when photographing newborns. It can be as simple as photographing your subject in the bathtub or using a sink, but you can also utilize the water to create some stunning effects.

For example, you can use warm water and a washcloth to gently cleanse your baby’s skin and hair before applying any products such as baby shampoo or oil. This step can increase the likelihood that these items will stick better to the skin and hair follicles, making them more visible in photos after being washed off later.

In addition, you might find it helpful to have an assistant standing by while you’re bathing your subject so they can assist with washing up afterward.

#7 Coordinate with the Parents and Older Siblings

The most vital part of the newborn photo shoot is the parents. They are taking care of this little human being, and they will be the ones who spend their lives with him or her. Therefore, it’s essential that they feel comfortable with you. You want them to be themselves and feel like they can open up and share their emotions during your session.

Another way to ensure the baby stays calm and happy during your photo shoot is by involving the older siblings in all aspects. You may even consider asking them if there are any special things from home that they would like included, such as a favorite blanket or stuffed animal. Just remember not to overwhelm yourself with too many props.

#8 Incorporate Props

Statista states that a total of 2.16 million DSLR cameras were shipped globally by CIPA businesses in 2021. Along with a well-off camera, incorporating props is another great way to make your photos unique. Props are tools that can help you tell a story with your images, like a baby’s favorite blanket or toy.

They can also be used to highlight certain features of the baby, such as their face or hands. If you’re looking for something super cute and sweet, try different outfits for your newborn.

Newborn Photography Tips

The Best Newborn Photography Sessions Turn Out Great When You’re Prepared

You can have the finest newborn photography sessions when you are organized and have a strategy. To get the most out of your session, research photographers in your area and ensure they have experience working with newborns. You also want to look for someone good at working with babies.

Your photographer should know how to pose them, so they can give you the best results possible. You may also consider hiring a professional photographer with a good reputation and reviews online. They will be able to give you an idea of what kind of shoot will work well for your baby and you.

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