Hope you were inspired by our 1st edition of this series on Indian wedding photographers. Here is part 2. Follow their Facebook and Twitter Profiles for regular updates.

Chitra Aiyer

An architect by training, Chitra is a photographer and writer based in Bangalore. Aside from covering weddings, she enjoys people, nature & travel photography.

Chitra Aiyer - Best Indian Wedding Photographer


Mahima Bhatia

Delhi-based Mahima has a keen interest in concert and nature photography. She also does location-based work relating to events, weddings, conferences / meets and portfolios(outdoor & indoor).

Mahima Bhatia - Best Indian Wedding Photographer


Vijay Eesam

Another Bangalore talent! Part 2 of our list does seem to be Bangalore heavy. Vijay started doing weddings after a switch in careers, his dream was to be a film-maker but when that didn’t work out, he channeled his creativity towards weddings. Aside from photography, he is also a creates creative wedding movies.

Vijay Eesam - Best Indian Wedding Photographer


Anbu Jawahar

Anbu took to full-time photography in 2010, deciding to focus on weddings and portraiture. His style of photography melds the techniques of the different media he has worked in, with his formative training as an artist. The influence of the different media on his work is especially apparent in the composition and post-processing of his photographs. He also loves to bring romance into his work both in terms of subjects as well as treatment, and works with the couples to bring this aspect to the fore.

Anbu Jawahar - Best Indian Wedding Photographer


Joshua Komanapalli

Joshua is a Hyderabad based wedding photographer and is also the brains behind “The Photography Company” which is a event production company.

Joshua Komanapalli - Best Indian Wedding Photographer


Sowmya Mense

Bangalore-based Soumya is all about making your wedding photographs creative & candid. For Soumya, photography started as a hobby which she very soon converted to her profession.

Sowmya Mense - Best Indian Wedding Photographer


Sukhdeep Pannu

A WPJA member, Sukhdeep ignored the concerns of his family & friends who thought he couldn’t turn his dream to reality. Now he travels the globe to cover commercial shoots as well as weddings.

Sukhdeep Pannu - Best Indian Wedding Photographer


Mayuresh Patil

Mayuresh Patil is a contemporary Lifestyle / Wedding Photographer based out of Mumbai.

Mayuresh Patil - Best Indian Wedding Photographer


Devendra Purbiya

An IIT engineering graduate turned photographer, Dev now takes professional assignments anywhere in India. His passion is photographing people and wedding photography lets him do just that!

Devendra Purbiya - Best Indian Wedding Photographer


Auditya Venkatesh

A blogger and photographer, Audi is yet another one of those brave souls who took his passion and turned it to his profession and came out in flying colours!

Auditya Venkatesh - Best Indian Wedding Photographer