Whether it’s a painting, a photo, a collage of family pictures, or a signature art piece, if framed right, it can brighten up the space and enhance the atmosphere. But many people don’t know how to display their art in order to create synergy between the piece, the furniture, and other interior design elements.

So if you’re here looking for answers, you’ve arrived at the right place. We’ll have a quick look at how to frame art in your home and how to make sure it is situated at an optimal level so everyone going through the room can admire it as intended.

Arranging Furniture To Art Pieces

Centering Your Art Piece

When centering an art piece that goes on the wall (a painting or a gorgeous landscape photo), should you frame it to the center of the wall or align it to the center of the furniture piece placed underneath it?

Let’s say you have a sofa, and you want to place a painting in the space above it (quite a common place for artwork). If this is the case, you should always arrange the painting in relation to the furniture and not the wall. Otherwise, the painting will be off-center with the sofa, which will create an uncomfortable visual imbalance. And in interior design, visual balance is a powerful tool.

Arranging Furniture To Art Pieces

The Right Height

Another thing that trips people when it comes to wall art is the right height to hang it. In most cases, you’ll see paintings and posters placed too high up the wall, which makes it difficult to admire and breaks the visual balance.

For instance, if you buy an exclusive original artwork at Singulart and you want to make sure it fits well in your home, hang it at eye level. The best way to figure it out is to think of the art piece as a mirror. Position yourself standing in front of it and adjust the height so that your head matches the top half of the artwork.

Arranging Furniture To Art Pieces

Let It Breathe

When it comes to artwork, especially wall art, size matters. And so does the space around it.

First, don’t be afraid to get big and bold art pieces. Whether it’s a large artistic photo or a signature painting depicting vivid colors, they’ll definitely fit on your walls. Plus, you can use interior design ideas to cleverly frame your art pieces without making it look crowded.

However, if you place a large and bold piece of art on a wall section, you shouldn’t add anything else. You can play with the color of the wall, but any other art pieces that come too close will take away from the impact.

Plus, if you place the art piece above a large piece of furniture (like a sofa), the art piece should be at least one-third to two-thirds of the width of the furniture piece.

Arranging Furniture To Art Pieces

What About Small Art Pieces?

Not all art is big and bold, so how do you make it shine without making your wall look like a pinboard?

Small art can be grouped together in a way that looks good and airy if you combine pieces that are different in size, shape, and color. This is called a gallery-style arrangement, and it’s quite easy to play with even if you’re not a designer. In fact, there are lots of innovative ways to arrange a gallery-style wall and make it the main attraction point of the room.

The secret is to create a cohesive grouping that blends nicely and looks like one big piece of art. Of course, all the rules mentioned above about positioning and height apply.

Arranging Furniture To Art Pieces

Wrap Up

Beautiful art comes to life when it’s easy to admire and doesn’t upset the visual balance of the room. Plus, when there’s harmony between your wall art and the furniture in the room, the entire interior design comes together.

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