Huzzatul Mursalin is a passionate people & street photographer from Bangladesh. He loves to be called as Sopnochora because he confesses his act of stealing the dreams from nature and its people. For Huzzatul, photography is the only medium which makes him feel alive. Being a Microbiologist by profession, Huzzatul’s passion towards photography is stunning just like his portfolio.

About his photographs, there is always such positiveness and his clear vision in revealing the real truth of life through various sensitive and lighter events. Such gentleness, elegance and balance of life through the cities, towns and villages across his mother land, take a look at these photographs.

Could you introduce yourself?

Hi, this is Huzzatul Mursalin (Apu) an amateur photographer from Bangladesh. I have completed my B.Sc and M.S in Microbiology from Department of Microbiology, University of Dhaka and now working as a Manager, Quality Assurance at International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research in Bangladesh (ICDDR,B).

How did photography happen to you?

I had no idea about photography or any short of art in my life. But I think I had a soft corner for this particular short of art in the deep of my heart. I have started to freeze moments from December 2009, with the help of my Nokia 2700 classic mobile phone and a point and shoot camera of my friend. To aid my photographic thirst, I bought a Canon 500D, with 18-55 mm kit lens in March, 2010. This was the beginning and after then I never stopped swimming is this vast photographic ocean.

How did you get interest about people photography?

Every human being is a living story. I loved to talk with people, and doing so I grew interest in photographing them to freeze their story through my eyes. Story is happening everywhere right around you. All you need just a good pair of eye to see them and a device to freeze.

Your gear?

Canon EOS 500D and 18-55mm,
55-250mm Lenses.

Your inspiration?

All the photographs of different photographers around the world I see every day is my inspirations.

Your favorite photographers?

From Bangladesh

From Abroad

One thing that photography had taught you over the years?

One thing I have learned from photography is that, you need a great pair of eyes to be a good photographer.

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