This Person from Thailand receives a beautiful gift from his wife on his anniversary and then things changed around him. A ticket to Varanasi was the gift and Tavepong Pratoomwong is that incredible photographer.

Tavepong is a wonderful street photographer with a beautiful conscious mind towards the liking of right subject, colors and composition with great detailing. In this brief interview with, Tavepong shares his personal views and opinion on street photography, his inspiration and a lot about art and photography.

Speaking about his photographs, Tavepong is someone who loves to keep his frames neat and tidy and fill them with interesting characters all around. Great compositions and interesting subjects play do add more drama to these pictures. Take a look for yourself and get inspired.

Tavepong Pratoomwong - Stunning Street Photographer From Thailand

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am 33 years old from Bangkok, Thailand. I interested in photography for long time but time changed me into a camera equipment mania. I almost stopped shooting until the end of 2013, my wife surprised me with the anniversary gift. It is a ticket to Varanasi, India.That ticket, that trip is the turning point of me to take pictures again.

What makes Street Photography so special for you?

I love to shoot. It’s the way of my meditation, make me not muddle and outrun.I enjoy to tell the story with the photo. Due to my job, I can’t have a long trip frequently. So Street photography is my answer. I can shoot anything around me in anytime. Moreover It’s so excited that we don’t know what we gonna get until we met the nice subject, sometime after I review all photo again back at home I surprisingly found a good one.

What does it take to make a good street photograph?

Good street photographs for each person are different. For me it’s combine between good story, composition, innovative and touch the hearth of the audience.

How do you educate yourself to take better photos?

Last year I joined the Street Photo Thailand’s activities “365 days in 2014″. It make me go out, taking photos everyday and selected to post 1. Some days bad , some days good . I learn from that bad days and be careful not to fail again in the next day. Everyday there are new things to learn. As you know, the one important thing for street photography is LUCK but more experiment brings you more chance of luck.

Your favorite photographers?

You have any favorite books on photography?

All of the book of my favourite photographer is my favourite book but the most favourite on is Elliott Erwitt: Sequentially Yours. I never seen a book like this before. The size of photo and the book artwork create nice feeling of page turning, this feeling can’t be found in the webpage.

Your Awards and Recognitions?

Your Gear?

Normally I use Sony A7s with Leica summilux 35mm fle but I usually have 28mm in case I need more wide photo. Sony A7s are so amazing. I like the silent mode , quality of photo in high-iso is really good , very few shutter lag and the flip up display is really useful in various situation.

Any final thoughts for our readers?

Let’s go out to take a photo with happiness and enjoy your street photographs : )

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