A Photo Series on Stranger, speaking to them, making them familiar to the lens and then shoot. How hard can it be for most of us, and even harder would be to get a classy portrait. Street Photography is all about guts and your courage to face a stranger, smile at them as if you know each other for years and get back the result. Here Benoit has really mastered this technqiue of approching a perfect stranger, photogenic stranger and make a portrait which is brilliant in every aspect.

Lets hear it from Benoit himself,

I started this project in 2007, my first goal when i started is to break the usual rule of  not to speak to a stranger and not to disturb people in public space. So my approach was about questioning the modern world in which we are living and trying to break this individualism and the anonymity of the big city. By going into “Non-lieu x” (no existing places) (subways, malls, and crowded streets at rush hours …) and by talking to people to take photos, I break the usual way this modern world works for a few instants. I make real these “non-lieu x” by creating an event that the stranger will remember.

So all my models are strangers  met in the streets, trains, subway, malls,etc. These photography are a small selection of my 222 photography from this long-terms project.

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