Documentary Project By : Subinoy Das

Mystery plays around in every nook and corner of Creation. No matter how much we claim to solve the puzzle but the mystery remains forever. Creation is just not a thing to be being able to decipher, decode and explain. No we are not that powerful yet. Is it because nature has embraced Change- the ever powerful inevitable Change as its constant companion? And who stands as the epitome of creation and the mystery associated with it? No, don’t turn the pages back and dwell in the history. Just keep a hand on your heart and with a smile find your answer in a Woman. She is Divine with the element of mystery entangled in her every being.

She changes, she evolves and she defines mystery every minute. And yet she remains the same- to whom you always come back to because her heart is your Home and her embrace- the courtyard from where you see the sunrise, forgetting the umbrella play under the rain, and sit quietly to romance under the moon.

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