Interview With Digital Art Photographer Chris Dessaigne

Hi Chris, Welcome to 121 Clicks. Please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in Photography?

I live in the south of France, on the sunny Mediterranean side. I’ve started photography early 2008. The activity became really serious for me in 2009.

What is Digital Art? Why you choose this? If somebody wants Digital Art Photographer what tips would you give?

I don’t know what a digital art is. I did not “choose”, it just takes me. My only advices are to be always self critic and to find your own style. I would also say to always think wide, like in a movie. Consider myself an image maker rather than a photographer, and any notion of “true” photography is of no interest.

Digital photography and processing gives me something close to painting without all the mess. Using combinations of techniques and tools such as HDR, tone mapping, long exposures and Photoshop, I hope to capture and create an emotional response to place and time not just a mechanical technical blink.

Interview With Digital Art Photographer Chris Dessaigne

How would you describe your photographic vision? What kind of feel do you try and create in your photos?

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams … glitter in the dark near Tanhauser Gate. All those … moments will be lost … in time, like tears … in rain. Time … to die.”

This quote from the Blade Runner movie is a good summary of what I’m trying to achieve and express. My main topic is to open doors to other dimensions. For me, the most important matter is to create pictures that tell stories.

Interview With Digital Art Photographer Chris Dessaigne

You Occupation are “Digital Dictator”. What is that exactly?

LOL. Actually it’s a joke I wrote this on my Flickr profile. “Digital Dictator” is the name of an 80’s album from a US band called Vicious Rumors. It just sounded good to me.

When you get an idea in your head for a photo, how do go about getting that shot?

Sometimes it’s like a frenetic urge. I have to make the image and the time is suspended until the end of the process. I can’t work without music.

Interview With Digital Art Photographer Chris Dessaigne

Your work is Dreamy, its takes me to some other world. Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from?

My main inspiration comes from movies and books.

Can you please describe the process behind your photograph, which are Concept, Location, Capture and Post Processing?

I cannot describe my processing workflow. Because, it’s impossible to explain. I use the regular softwares (Photoshop & Lightroom) and I shot with a Canon. The most important to me isn’t the technical stuff but the locations and the ideas (and most of the time I get the ideas from the locations). Once you have a good spot then you got the image.

Interview With Digital Art Photographer Chris Dessaigne

Your work got published in many Book Covers, CD Covers and Posters. How will you choose the concept for that particular work? What response have you had with friends/clients?

It depends. Most of the time my agent sells the images to publishers. Sometimes bands or publishers directly contact me and ask me to do this or that…

What type of camera and lenses do you use? What type of equipment? How do you get such a fogy feel in your photos?

I use a Canon DSLR with several lenses (wide angles, fish eyes etc). I work only with natural light because I don’t like strobes.

Interview With Digital Art Photographer Chris Dessaigne

List of your Favorite Photographers here and why you like their work?

I don’t have a specific favorite photographer (except may be Robert Parkeharrison). My influences come from movies.

If you could go on assignment anywhere in the world to shoot whatever you wanted; where and what would it be, and why?

Prypiat. Russia. Near Chernobyl. I also like to shot that Abandoned Island in Japan…. Actually there are too many locations to mention… I also love Deserts, Iceland, Big Cities in Night, Industrial Complexes and many…

Interview With Digital Art Photographer Chris Dessaigne

I realize that each photographer has love with particular subject such as Landscapes, Nature, Portraits, etc. Other than Digital Art Photography what would you like?

Categories are cells. The most important to me are images that tell stories.

If you were allowed to show the best thee photos from your portfolio, what are your favorite three images?

The three photos have to come. Not yet done.

Interview With Digital Art Photographer Chris Dessaigne

If not a Photographer, what would you have been?

Probably a Cthulhu cultist… So my passion for photography saved the world from my possible dark plots to manage rising the Elder One from Ryleh.

What are your plans for the future? Do you have any new projects on the go at the moment, or anything that you’re planning to do?

My plans for the future are to become a good photographer. The road is still long…

Interview With Digital Art Photographer Chris Dessaigne

Apart from photography, tell me about your hobbies and interests?

I love music, reading, scouting abandoned places, watching conspiracy documentaries, playing strategic board games with friends, cinema etc.

Thanks again for providing 121 Clicks with this opportunity to interview you. Any final thoughts for our readers?

Thank you very much for your interest in my work.

Interview With Digital Art Photographer Chris Dessaigne

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