At the tender age of 25, Finnish wildlife photographer Ossi Saarinen has skillfully captured the ethereal beauty of Fairy Forests in his homeland. While many associate Finland with its cold climate and dense forests, Ossi unveils a surprisingly enchanting facet of the country, showcasing its diverse and captivating natural wonders through his lens.

Contrary to common perceptions, Finland, in Ossi’s perspective, is much more than a land of cold and darkness. Through his nature photography, he unveils a vibrant and serene side of his motherland, bringing forth pleasant emotions with his spectacular images of untouched forests. These woodlands, covering nearly three-quarters of the entire country, stand as a source of pride for the Finnish people. Within these tranquil and ancient forests, wild animals roam freely, savoring their lives in their natural habitat.

Finland Fairy Forests Photography by Ossi Saarinen

Ossi’s passion for wildlife photography stems from a deep-seated interest in nature and animals that dates back to his childhood. He sees his camera as a tool to capture and share the extraordinary moments and emotions he experiences in nature. Acknowledging the challenges of wildlife photography, Ossi reflects, ‘I’ve been super interested in nature and especially animals since I was a kid. I realized that with a camera I can save and share those amazing moments and feelings I experience in nature. Wildlife photography is very challenging, which makes it even more interesting. Sometimes it means hours and hours of waiting with no result, but when I finally get the shot I wanted, it’s all worth it.’

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