Check these stunning photographs of Exorcism rituals in Ethiopia captured by David Tesinsky. He shared his experience with Boredpanda in Ethiopia. In his words…

“My name is David Tesinsky and I came to Ethiopia to find real exorcism rituals and it took me a while just to find one. I just earned some money, got a cheap flight ticket, found some contacts and I found myself in Addis Ababa. People were not really great in the beginning, I almost got robbed in a slum area where I supposed to stay overnight but in the end, there was just a big bloody fight between other two guys.

However, finding such exorcism ritual took me many days of waking up around 4-5AM and visiting churches in hope there with be such possessed “client” who will also allow me to photograph it which wasn’t very real. After almost 2 weeks I found a place not too far from Addis Ababa where the ritual took place and with more than 150 people waiting for their turn to get to a priest Memehir.

People were crying, screaming, Memehir punched them and the question is if they felt better based on their fate or not because Memehir was actually thrown away from all the churches because he earned more money than the church itself. He kept asking for the money all the time, one very old woman gave him 100$ and he always wanted more even though 100$ is probably all she is able to earn in one month.”

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