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Speaking about the machinations of photography is all well and good. But what is equally important is for a photographer to assimilate oneself into the artistic credibility of the images they capture. Certain important tricks and creative inputs aren’t taught in photography workshops or a photography school.

For instance, it is important to state that a picture appears to be exceedingly sharp. One might also need to give some information about the type of lens they used.

9 Commandments to check who you are in Photography
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Sometimes it even pays greater dividends to utilize greater time in editing a particular photograph than scouting a more suitable angle to capture it. Photography workshops or a photography school only coach you on the technical know-how of a film, digital, DSLR, or an instant camera.

In order to get an idea about other creative terms and common vocabulary used among cameramen, some valuable points have been listed below:

  1. When a photographer asks what another person is shooting, they are actually making an effort to act courteous and strike a conversation. Not every time do professional photographers talk about work related matter alone?

  3. If a photographer claims that he/she employs natural light alone for their assignments, they really mean that the quality of their flash exposures are pretty abysmal.

  5. In the event a photographer states that they only perform a minuscule amount of post-processing, what they are really trying to convey is that they can’t quite understand Photoshop. Such photographers can play around with a few tools of Photoshop, but can’t really wrap their palms around the software in its entirety.

  7. One should be on their guard if another photographer complements their pictures. Most of the time, such photographers only wish to duplicate good pictures or learn the process behind how that picture was shot and rendered.

  9. In case a photographer makes tall claims such as portraying their feelings through their pictures, remember that most probably they must have seen something and just shot it.

  11. Another tall and very common claim usually made by photographers is their attempt at shooting a fleeting moment in time through their pictures. Again, this entire means is that once more they are just capturing things they see. It could also be a case of a photographer shooting at really high frame rates and banking on their luck to take a decent enough image.

  13. At times, a few photographers traverse the ostentatious route and assert that they only operate in a black-and-white spectrum. The actual reason behind them doing this is that the monochrome colors help conceal their poorly executed exposures, overtly burnt highlighted portions, clipped shadow regions, and other visible flaws.

  15. For those who are wondering how some photographers take better pictures of everyday, regular folk, the real reason behind this is that they can’t shoot a portrait no matter how hard they try. So their next best options are homeless or geriatric people, as such images almost always make a telling picture.

  17. One more well-hidden reality is about those photographers who say that they prefer other alternatives to Photoshop. The actual factor contributing to this decision is that they simply can’t bear the cost of purchasing Photoshop.

  19. And finally, the real explanation behind the increasing number of photographers shooting primes is that they have some misguided opinion that serious photography involves utilization of primes.

9 Commandments to check who you are in Photography
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So now it’s evident why a lot of real photographic knowledge isn’t acquired in photography workshops or a photography school. The above tips go a long way in understanding the real art of photography and gaining an insight into the minds of others in the field. Mastering the art of using a simple instant camera or a high-tech DSLR would only account for something if one recollects the above mentioned points and picks other valuable lessons along the way.

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