Sparkling pictures with sensational concepts and true emotions, Shelby Robinson is one of the fresh talents in this genre of photography. Everything seem to be picture perfect in all these wonderful creations of her. Colors and light are stunning and makes us dream for these wonderful conceptual pictures. These photographs make us go in awe looking towards the photographer and the incredible ideas she conceive in the process of creating some.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Shelby Robinson and I am just short of 19 years old. Looking back 5 years I never would have believed photography would dominate my life as much as it does today. I was actually lost in what I would become in this great world. However, that changed two years ago when I picked up a new DSLR and began taking those awkward beginner shots everyone takes. (The joy of flowers and bokeh!) When I realized just how much a camera can accomplish I focused more on learning the technical side as I tried to develop a style. Many hours of internet and Photoshop exploration I finally moved onto where I am now. Many people will speak about how a certain object or hobby changed their life but I can honestly say photography has given me life.

What made you passionate about photography especially these conceptual art photographs?

I first stumbled across conceptual photography on Flickr through various artists. (It’s been so long I couldn’t remember the names) It was so inspiring to see that one person could create a part of themselves or their imagination with a simple photo. I cannot draw or paint or any sort of artistic output of that form, however seeing these people put together such beautiful work revealed that I could form an outlet for my creativity. I wanted to tell these stories which had been trapped in my mind; I desired to share with others my feelings in an artistic manner. I just wanted to create. So I did; I took my camera, my mind and connected the two!

Could you please discuss your thought process before going for shoot?

I always try my hardest to plan prior to a shoot. Of course this does not always happen so then I’ll just head into the woods and work with what I can! But a good photo involves planning and preparation. It seems most of my ideas come to me as I lay in bed waiting to fall to sleep. Of course my mind races and I am too eager to close my eyes. The next day (or even the night of) I will sketch my ideas. Having concepts mapped out helps with organization and processing. From there I will take my gear and props and head onto location whenever the time comes!

Your future goals and ambition?

My dreams for the future would be that it is surrounded by photography; I hope to never lose my focus or passion. Where ever life may take me, I only pray that it may be within the photographic realms.

One secret you would like to share on photography front with our readers?

Hmm… a secret? You have to earn those!
Okay, okay fine! I am not that mean. My photogenic secret would be in order to be successful in photography you must focus on yourself and your growth. I have seen so many people fall apart because they were worried about catching up with others or comparing themselves to levels which are at unreachable stages. As a photographer one must create to grow. Create for yourself and not based on others and you will be the happiest : )

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