Photography is a form of art that is subjective and has a technical side to it as well. It is well known that what pleases the eye for one might fail to make an impression on another. In the same way, the meaning that photography brings to different individuals can be different. If you are about to write a research paper on this topic, you might want to explore the different technical and artistic sides of this profession. Here we take a look at the different approaches you can take or aspects of this subject that you can focus upon in your essay.

Talk about the Focus Topic in the Introduction

As in most essay writing assignments, you would need to gather considerable data on the topic or the focus area you wish to write on. When it comes to photography as a topic, it is best to disclose which sub-topic or angle of the subject you would be writing on. It would be ideal to explain the same in the introduction. That will set the tone for further exploration of the topic in the sections below.

Tips And Tricks For Writing A Research Paper On Photography

Topics can be numerous when it comes to writing on this subject. For instance:

  • Art of taking selfies.
  • Important features of a camera.
  • Latest technology upgrades in cameras.
  • How to take the best pictures with your iPhone.
  • Lightning techniques in photography.
  • How to take up photography as a hobby?

No matter which subject you choose to research and write about, ensure that you do adequate research and have a relevant matter ready. If you are writing on the technical aspects of this profession, you need to cover topics such as the composition of light and its effects on photographs. Also, you need to cover topics such as angles, and use of colors, and how images can evoke different emotions. In each case, you need to supplement with the right examples and appropriate pictures.

Gather Data on Your Chosen Focus Area

If you are writing an essay on a subject such as the history of photography, there are different angles you can choose from. Here we talk about possible angles that could be your subject matter and how you should gather data and compose your essay on the same.

If you are writing on the history of this art form, you would need to get information on the way the technology was invented back in 1839 and follow it down the path of evolution. Indeed, this technology has many changes and advances over time. That is true for the camera and its accessories as well as the style and treatment of the art or a photograph. You could choose to talk about the evolution of lighting angles and artistry in this profession or how styles varied from the era of Realism in the 19th century to Modernism that defines changes in ideas in this art form in the 20th century.

Tips And Tricks For Writing A Research Paper On Photography

Plan Your Approach

When you are writing a research paper, you need to provide a certain perspective or view on the subject matter and support the same with adequate data and findings. For instance, your essay might be on professionals who have made a mark in this art form.

Depending on the depth of the topic and how long your essay needs to be, you can analyze the backgrounds and works of different photographers. For instance, Ansel Adams or Diane Arbus have contributed much to this art and medium. You could also focus on innovators such as George Eastman who is credited with the invention of the Kodak camera, the first model that used films instead of plates for printing photos. Alternatively, you could also look at the influence that the works of some journalists had on historical topics. For instance, how Dorothea Lange produced images of migrant farmers in the times of the Great Depression.

Delving Into Types and Techniques

There are different types of genres in this art form. These include different techniques as well as skill sets. Indeed, you could explore areas such as procedures followed in certain styles and techniques or camera lenses that are used. It could also span across sub-topics such as treatment of light, techniques in the fashion world. You could also explore the styles of this art and how its uses are in advertising.

In case you are looking to help write my research paper you can find many professional essay writing services online for the task. Basic techniques can be explored in such a writing assignment and then move on explaining each sub-topic with depth. For instance, how portrait shots are done or candid shots. Also, the importance of shutter speed, aperture settings, and how the changes can reflect in each shot can be explored as well. In such a subject matter you would need to present images to bring out the differences or show clarity in what is being discussed.

Tips And Tricks For Writing A Research Paper On Photography

Support Your Conclusions with the Right Data

Once you have discussed or explored your chosen subject matter in the beginning and middle part of your essay, you need to provide angles or point out findings that support your perspective. For instance, you might argue that this is more of an art form than a science. Those who study the subject in-depth or take up classes for the profession are also taught about the creative aspects of it. These span across topics such as composition, color, symbolism in different styles and genres.

Alternately, your essay could also explore the use, as well as misuse of the camera by professionals such as journalists, and in both cases, images have shocked and provoked debate, discussions, and so forth. Indeed, images have acted as historical records and evidence over time. This profession in particular has helped document events and produce research materials for diverse fields of education and research.

In such topics, you need to take a stand or support a certain point of view. Accordingly, after presenting both sides, provide stronger evidence that supports the side you wish to uphold. Ensure that you provide adequate evidence through historic data, preferably with the right images. This will help bring your research paper essay to its natural conclusion, which supports your point of view.


Like the treatment of any subject on which you need to write a research paper, this particular subject has many angles or subtopics to consider. It is best that you pick a certain sub-topic and research it. This will then open up different angles around the topic which you can then arrange and represent in your essay. In case you require professional assistance, there are many online essay writing services that you can reach out to.

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