Almost each one of us knew that geometric shapes forms a prime element in a Photograph. Here I have tried to magnify a little further into the likes of Lines in Photography. Their importance in the art of composition, their representation and the visual feel transference. These straight and parallel lines are phenomenal and one of the fineset element in photography always overlooked onto.

There are always several factors inducing these lines inside your frame. It always occurs in the combination of horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. When we try to line up with the viewfinder and make it straight and parallel there is always a importance to them, creating a strong flavor to your photograph.

There is no disturbance or unwanted illusion caused as some one might think, it doesnt create any distraction taking away to the viewer’s eye. Always try to balance these lines make them look straight, like how we balance the horizon. Doing this make the subject inside the frame look prettier.

I would like to divide these straight and parallel lines into three specific categories:

  1. Horizontal
  2. Vertical
  3. Diagonal
The Importance of Lines in Photography

Photo by: Tarek Zaïgouche

#1 Horizontal Lines

The Horizontal lines are usually interesting and provide a stability and rest to your image and subject involved. It is more of a defined permanancy and consistency to your photographs, they often serve as a dividing line creating an anchor to the subject or object within.

#2 Vertical Lines

Vertical lines are nothing but mood, they makes the photograph even more powerful. Try holding your camera vertically while you spot one or try to shoot these lines. This creates more length to your scene, trying to convey or potray the height in it. You can also feel free to break the rule and a horizontal framing can make one sense the strongness in it.

#3 Diagnoal Lines

They draw the attention of viewer very quickly, its so attractive yes the Diagonal Lines. They usually work by creating point of interest within the frame plus lines of intersection within them to the photographer’s advantage creating stunning perspectives. There is a sense of dynamics to the image as if something is always moving, this illusion is the advantage of diagonal lines. Many studies have revealed that people often emphasis an image by stating the subject travels from frame left to right, hence working to its favour can create some memorable pictures for you.

#4 Conclusion

No need to worry, these lines are not a distraction. try to get them in place, mark them to the axis parallel to the grid lines in camera, or one can always check the horizon in post. Experiment with these lines. Have fun.

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