Personal Best: Tarek Zaigouche

Born in 1985 in Batna, Algeria. Currently based in Antibes, France. Tarek loves to walk with his camera and to observe his surroundings whether he is on travel far from home or in the streets of his city. His approach is to try to see the world with a kid’s eye and get surprised by the moment that unfolds. He seeks for that subtle and unique instant where the chaos of the street gets suddenly organized to offer us beauty and poetry before vanishing again in the blink of an eye.


  • Maghreb Photographer of the Year, 2018
  • Finalist LifeFramer, World Traveler, 2018
  • Finalist StreetFoto San Francisco, 2019
  • Finalist London Street Photography Festival, 2019


  • Kiev, Ukraine, Akt Photo Festival 2017
  • Essaouira, Morocco, les nuits photographiques 2018

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