Doll photography- still a not-so-famous genre. If you are a doll photographer, you must have experienced how long does it take to explain to others what is doll photography. Today photographers can be seen photographing people, animals, landscapes, trees, etc. but the idea of shooting dolls is still an unusual thing.

This niche of photography shouldn’t be seen in such a manner. With day by day increasing popularity of digital cameras, the range of photography has widened to a great extent. Moreover, various sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, etc. are also there to encourage new niches in photography. Doll photography has emerged as one of the most promising niches. A number of collectors have taken up this photography as a hobby to display their collections.

If you are also interested in this genre of photography, you must have some knowledge to do it perfectly. Here are a few tips to take your doll photography skills to the next level. These tips will help you to present your dolls at their best.

Some Useful Tips for Doll Photography

#1 Don’t Compromise with the Quality of the Camera

The good quality camera doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to expend huge amounts of money on it. Stores are flooded with lots of cameras creating great pictures at affordable costs. The best options available in the market are digital cameras. These cameras are very cheap to acquire and they also don’t ask for any additional cost for the development of the photos. Traditional cameras used to involve huge expenses in the development of photos. Moreover, with digital cameras, you can instantly check the soft copy of your photo and re-shoot immediately, if needed.

#2 Make Use of a Tripod

Slightest of the movements while shooting can cause your photos to look highly disturbed. It can result in high blurring. If you want to have crystal clear photos without any blurs, you need to eliminate any movements during the shoot. The best way to ensure this is the use of a tripod. It will make the camera steady and allow you to photograph the dolls perfectly.

#3 Have Closer Shots

Usually, doll photographers take shots from a distance with a notion that such photos look more attractive. Actually this thought is based on the photography of humans where distant shots look more beautiful than the closer ones. But it doesn’t hold true for dolls. They look more gorgeous whet photographed closely. Take a few photos and you will understand it yourself.

#4 The Face of the Doll Shouldn’t be Having any Hair

No doll looks good with its face covered with hair. The hair on the face make them look scruffy. The out-of-the-bed look may work for models, that also for just a few models, but not for dolls. The dolls look pretty with hair moved away from the face. So its better to take care of this thing before photographing the dolls.

#5 Get the Right Balance of Color

If you are shooting your dolls in poor light, your princess looking doll may look like a witch in the photos. Fluorescent or incandescent light can make your doll look like having a green or yellow tinge to its skin. You can counter it by using the white balance control, in case you use a digital camera. However, if you are still going with the traditional cameras, you can take the help of photo editing tools and software applications.

#6 Don’t Let the Doll Stand Show in the Photos

The doll stand can ruin the whole attraction of a doll photograph on appearing. You must hide them while shooting. It will give a perfect look to the photos making your dolls look even more pretty. You must be having various types of doll stands so that there’s a suitable one for each doll in your collection. The expertise of a doll photographer reflects in the lifelike look of the dolls and the doll stands can spoil that look.

#7 Organize the Room to be Used for the Shoot

The room you want to use for the shoot must be tidy. The doll photos look beautiful only when the background is absolutely free from any junk. For example, if you want to shoot your doll on a table, the table should be pretty clean. Even a grain of rice can deteriorate the whole look of the picture. You must de-clutter the space to be used for photography before the shoot.

#8 Keep Yourself in High Spirit

This success formula holds true for all the jobs, be in high spirits always. Be happy and you will see a wonderful positive change in yourself which will reflect in your photos. Be excited about all your shots as you were for the first time and enjoy each moment of your doll photography.

You can take your doll photography expertise to the next level with all the suggestions provided above. This genre of photography is gaining very much popularity and you may receive a lot of competition in a few years to come. So, it’s better to gain some expertise before it becomes too late. Keep all the above tips in mind while doing doll photography and witness great changes in your skills.

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