A Great deal of Long Exposure Photography tips collected specially for our 121 Clicks fans. Shooting long exposure in no more a haunting task for any landscape or fine-art photographer. Go through these splendid tutorials explaining the joy of capturing this interesting technique.

Long Exposure Photography Tips and Tutorials

Photo by: Vassilis Tangoulis

#1 Long Exposure Photography Articles, Tips and Tutorials

The 11th Tip for Long Exposure Photography by Cole Thompson

Article by great fine art photographer Cole Thompson. In this article Cole talking about technology as well as experiments about long exposure photography. Very informative and stunning tips.

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Long Exposure Night Photography Tips by Exposure Guide

Great article about Night Photography as well as long exposure photography at night. Awesome tips about Star Trails, Light Trails, Blurry Sea Waters, Recommended Equipment, and more. Don’t miss to check this out.

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8 Tips for Long Exposure Photography by DPS

An article by Elliot Hook. Simple and effective article about Long Exposure Photography. Elliot talking about Stops, Filters, Image processing, and many more. Very nice article.

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The Best Way to Learn about Long Exposure Photography by Photo Tuts

Article by famous photographer Andrew Gibson. A detailed article, discussed Equipment, locations, camera settings, exposure, composition, and post-processing. A very detailed article, please check it out.

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Night photography tutorial – Long Exposure

Must check from How to become a photographer. A clear explanation about how to set your Aperture and Shutter Speed with photographs.

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Neutral Density Filters by Cambridge in Colour

Very nice article about Neutral Density (ND) Filters. Write up about Sharper and Longer Exposures, Shallow Depth of Field, and many more.

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Waterfall Photography Tips by Xposure Pro

Excellent article about Water Fall Photography by Randy McKown. Please check it out.

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101 Things I Learned About Long Exposure Photography

A very long and useful list of tips. Excellent Read.

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#3 Ultimate Books about Long Exposure Photography

#2 Useful Videos about Long Exposure Photography

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