Some people are innately talented, but it doesn’t mean that there’s no room for improvement. Even if you already have the talent for arts, you could always work on it and learn new techniques. But to do this, you’ll need to practice regularly and look for new styles and how to use certain mediums.

And with so many art styles and mediums, it can be a little frustrating to find the combination that fits you best. However, any sprouting masterpiece you have in your mind will first start with a quick sketch to plan it out. For example, even Da Vinci drew out a draft not just for his art pieces but also for his inventions and engineering marvels.
If a great artist like Da Vinci used sketchpads all the time, anyone could use them to express their ideas and emotions. Your creativity could boost significantly if you have a sketchpad that you could regularly use, and here’s why.

How To Stimulate Your Creative Juices WithA Sketchbook

1. It’s Great for Practice

You will want to practice a lot, especially if you have a goal that you want to reach in a specific period, like a college application. So, you’ll need to have your materials with you on hand so you could practice whenever you have the time. A sketchpad will be great for practice because you get a lot of sheets to draw on. You might even be surprised as to how many pages you could go through in a short time when practicing.

2. There Are Different Materials to Choose From

Sketchpads are made from different materials, from paper to bamboo. Depending on the lifestyle you have, you might want to get specific ones, such as sustainable paper pads. But trying out different materials doesn’t have to be limited because of your lifestyle. You might want to use other sketchpad materials to achieve specific looks for creative purposes as well.

3. You Could Try Out New Ideas

Experimentation is another thing you’ll need to try if you want to boost creativity. However, you may worry about how you might waste some expensive art materials for your first try. Instead, you could use a sketchpad to try out your new experiments.

For example, if it’s your first time drawing anatomically accurate bodies, it’s going to be tough to get it perfect the first time. In this case, you wouldn’t want to get your expensive papers or canvases out. A sketchpad is a better choice because it’s affordable, so you won’t feel too bad about making mistakes as you try out new styles and techniques.

4. You Could Use It Anytime and Anywhere

You might get creative urges and feel inspired in the most unlikely places. For example, you might be in the park, and you might feel like you want to sketch out the view or something you’re imagining.

In these situations, you might not have your paint and canvases with you because they’re not as portable. Sketchbooks, on the other hand, can easily be put in your bag along with your pencils, charcoal, and other materials. So, you could sketch and express yourself creatively anytime and anywhere.

5. It Can Come in Different Colors

Most of the time, sketchbook sheets come in white or off-white shades. However, they can also come in different colors to suit your creative needs. Other popular ones are brown and black, which could give a striking effect to any of your art pieces. In these cases, you could use a variety of shades and colors and even mediums, not just pen, paper, or charcoal.

How To Stimulate Your Creative Juices WithA Sketchbook

6. It’s Made to Handle Pressure

The papers in a sketchbook are also thicker and more rigid to handle multiple strokes of different pressures. So even if you’re exerting a lot of pressure for more intense shading, you don’t have to worry about it quickly ripping. If you tend to use an eraser for mistakes or specific drawing techniques, the paper won’t tear or start peeling.

7. You Could Find It Anywhere

As art materials, you don’t have to worry about whether it’s hard to find or if you have to buy it from specific stores. You could quickly get a sketchpad in most bookstores, so you could always get new ones if you’re not happy with what you currently own or if you’re out of drawing paper. This availability is a great advantage for any artist because, without it, you can’t get any creative release when you need to.

8. They’re Affordable

In comparison to other mediums, sketchpads are more affordable. Canvases and watercolor paper tend to be pricier, although sketchbooks can also be on the expensive side. But there are affordable and well-made ones, so you could still practice and make art even if you’re on a budget.

9. You Don’t Need to Prep Them

Speaking of other papers and mediums, sketchbook papers don’t need to be prepped. Watercolor paper will need to be prepared differently, depending on the effect you want to achieve. The same goes for canvases that need to be stretched and primed. Sketchpads are more forgiving and beginner-friendly because you won’t have to prep them beforehand.

Some artists like to draw a margin around just in case they want the piece framed. But for the most part, you could start sketching away.

10. It’s A Quick Way to Get Creative

Drawing on a sketchpad is a quick way to express yourself creatively, not just because it doesn’t require prepping. It’s fast because sketching is faster than utilizing other mediums.

When you’re painting, you’ll have to use several colors, steps, and layers to get the entire thing finished. Sculpting could take a long time as well, depending on the material you’re using. If you have an image in your mind, you could quickly sketch it out so that you could put it on paper. Similar to taking notes, you could use your sketchpad to save them for future projects.


Sketchpads are essential staples for most artists because of how easily available they are. They’re also portable and affordable, so beginners could get a sketchbook even if they’re just interested in drawing as a hobby. And in comparison, these sheets of paper are made specifically for art to achieve different looks and styles that you won’t get from regular writing paper.

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