If somebody told you that a picture is worth a thousand words, he wasn’t lying on you when he said that. All those boring encyclopedias are just so tiresome and depressing so when you see one picture inside them, it is like a ray of sunshine coming through the clouds. Your social media accounts are much like encyclopedias in the sense that they can become boring if not handled properly. Unlike almanacs, most blog posts are made of images with just some text included, so that writing needs to be on point. It needs to be one with the pictures and boost their value by making viewers even more interested in what you have to show or say.

How The Right Text Content Boosts Your Photoblog

Content value

Making one’s web content valuable for potential viewers is a dream of every blogger, influencer, or public person who makes money from social media posts. Influencing is a big business these days, so if done properly it can generate a lot of cash. Photo Blogs are becoming increasingly popular amongst young millennials who are not so fond of wasting time by reading a lot of text when they scroll their phones. They enjoy visual content more and are willing to spend hours searching for that perfect photo that will make their day. What photo bloggers figured out is that some concise and well-written explanation of each photo can make it even more interesting.

Adding appealing text to your photos can incite feelings that a certain image did not arouse initially, so each text should be considered as an integral part of your picture. Every post can be made more interesting by a backup story of how that particular image was made. This is how one creates more valuable content that others can relate to in so many different ways. One snowy picture of a landscape can be mind-blowing but explaining how you got there or what that particular picture means to you gives it a lot more depth. Portraits can be also elaborated in so many ways, telling a story of your subject, thus making the whole experience more valuable and giving life to your images.

How The Right Text Content Boosts Your Photoblog

Travel And Fashion Blogs

Some text that should be following any travel blog is pretty much self-explanatory but boring as hell if you plan on just explaining the sites or boring tourist routes. Add some life into your images by telling a story of people or their customs, explore local culture, or describe regional cuisine in juicy details. This is how you create some buzz with your images and look at it as writing an assignment related to that image. If I need help with my assignment there are so many helpful tools one can use for free if he just browses the net a little bit, and these include:

WhiteSmoke. This little tool is very practical as it gives you clear suggestions for proofreading your text. It works the best with Word, but it is compatible with other applications as well. Your job is only to accept or discard its suggestions.

Reverso. In addition to spell checking or synonym suggestions, Reverso is best known as a better version of Google translate. It is very practical for business document translation, especially if one has a tight schedule and a bunch of deadlines to meet.

PapersOwl. Students are the main users of this app, as its primary goal is to provide them with plagiarism checks for their essays. It also provides professional help for writing essays or any kind of college assignment papers. If you are a student, you should definitely check it out.

Grammarly. One of the most popular text tools in the world is always upgrading its service, so right now it offers several deals ranging from free to business or premium. Select the one that suits your needs and make your text bulletproof once and for all.

Fashionistas love artistic photos of models that take so much effort to be done properly while captivating each viewer’s attention in the right way. Making some fashion images even more interesting is some next-level marketing skill that not everyone possesses. One must put some life into that piece of cloth by immersing each viewer into roleplay and making him become the model who is wearing those dresses or pants. He must be like a model and almost feel that fabric on his skin while strolling through those images. That is how you make even the most monotonous fashion blog live and engaging for the viewers.

How The Right Text Content Boosts Your Photoblog

Practice Content Writing

Your skills as a writer will be put to a test when running a blog of any kind because ultimately, you are responsible for your content and the satisfaction of your viewers. Running social media is some good practice as social media posts require short, fiery sentences that are right on point. Writing for blog posts with a lot of pictures needs exactly that kind of sharp language that spits fire while explaining the essence of an image. There are also other ways of mastering your writing skills like just writing in your free time by expressing your thoughts or feelings in different ways. Adding words to any visual content is an art that can be perfected if you put some effort into it.

How The Right Text Content Boosts Your Photoblog

Practice makes everything perfect so give it a try by just taking an image and looking at it really well. Try getting the most of each image as possible by observing it from every possible angle. Put those thoughts on paper and create valuable content that will boost your traffic. Experiment with different approaches and by using different figures of speech until it sounds smooth, authentic, and sincere. Give your voice some genuine sound that will make you unique and recognizable in a sea of blog posts that circle the net these days.

Your images are essential but the text following them is important as well, so do not let your blog suffer because of the lack of words. Take some pen in your hands and start writing right away, and give life to your images. You may discover a new side of yourself, a writer, or one storyteller who has a lot to say about his art. Express yourself through some written word that will make your content stand out and do it like a boss. Be confident, be cocky, but above all be yourself, and do not be afraid to express what you really think, feel or believe.

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