It is impossible to imagine a stylish and interesting interior without a picture or a good poster. The picture can be in contrast to the interior, complement it, decorate, be large or small – this is not so important. The main thing is that it has a soul that you can love and feel. Contemporary art and interior design should have an impact on people, make them think.

How Photography And Art Objects Can Be Combined With Interior Design

Where to place the picture in the interior?

On the Internet, you can find many tips on which pictures to hang where, long ones – over the sofa, narrow one at the dresser, square ones in the nursery. Where should the horses be, where is the still life (how to guess!), And where the landscape will fit.

For example, what is the use of this painting on the wall? – This picture on the wall is very useful – it blocks the hole in the wallpaper!

Of course, such advice should not be neglected, but even a painting perfectly matched in size, genre and frame will not give you a feeling of completeness of the interior until you find exactly your painting.

How Photography And Art Objects Can Be Combined With Interior Design

The connection between design and art

Contemporary art and interior design have no canons. There are certain styles and trends. Everyone is free to choose what suits him best. However, even in the chosen style there will be so many variations that almost any interior will turn out in a fusion style (a mixture of different styles and trends). This is not bad, on the contrary, from such a mixture new opportunities arise for the customer and for the performer.

Contemporary art and interior design are much more closely connected than just being able to hang a picture in the interior. Design itself can be considered as a form of applied art. The designer is limited in the choice of artistic techniques, styles, and above all for the interior – design work, layouts, drawings.

However, it is pointless to talk about design without a creative component. The ability to put together an interior like a picture of different surfaces, objects, textures requires an artistic approach from the designer. Here his work is primarily influenced by painting.

These or those styles of art, appearing in painting, then spread to applied art, architecture and, of course, do not pass by the interior. Probably, this dependence can be traced, from the baroque to minimalism.

Perhaps only the loft appeared as a purely utilitarian style and in it is just the poorest visual world. A limited set of techniques, the utility of the surrounding objects, and decor. Dull, muted colors, industrial textures. Each object is stable, its purpose is clear.

Postmodernism, which replaces it, on the contrary, plunges into a completely fictional world with bright colors and simple forms. Sometimes you have to guess the purpose of objects. The furnishings themselves are already works of modern art. To find dome furniture pieces that will become such an art object you can use Nyfurnitureoutlets.

How Photography And Art Objects Can Be Combined With Interior Design

Can you take something from the picture you like and transfer it to the design?

Yes, indeed you can. You can use colors, dynamics, mood. The picture can give a feeling of lightness, warmth or light, be strict, bright or contrasting. It is painting that can push you to the main idea, around which you can already build an interior.

Sometimes it is difficult to express your emotional feelings in words, in which case it is the pictures that will help you understand what exactly you want from the interior. If suddenly there are difficulties in communicating with the designer, and you imagine what you want, but you just cannot convey it to him, then you can try instead of the next portion of your favorite pictures with interiors from the Internet to find an abstract canvas that reflects your emotions.

Perhaps it will immediately become easier for you to find a common language.

Firstly, if the interior design project is nes, you need to select art objects at the earliest stage, when you are just imagining the interior. Try to insert into the visualization the paintings you like or that you chose, or maybe you plan to order some painting from the author you like?

Secondly, you should not follow the path “and then we will hang some pictures here.” Try to make art in the interior, not just a decor that “revives” the walls, but that will become an important component of the concept. And, of course, when we say “art”, we mean not only paintings but also sculptures, light compositions, and even mapping.

When choosing art, you can be guided by two criteria: how well the painting suits the interior itself and whether you have an emotional connection with it. It doesn’t matter what kind of artistic value has the work. The main thing is how well it plays a role in building harmony within the entire space. And for expensive and significant art go to the museum. The idea of ​​hoarding art just because it is expensive and “valuable” is outdated.

Even the most perfect space in terms of design and architecture will not look alive without art. This idea was most accurately expressed by the French artist Claire Basler: “Art should surround the viewer from all sides, sucking him into the whirlpool of colors and emotions.” And we cannot but agree with this!

How Photography And Art Objects Can Be Combined With Interior Design

In fact, there are 3 options for the art-interior relationship:

  • When the line between art and interior has been erased (for example, Basler’s personal interior, where walls play the role of canvases);
  • When the interior is built around an object of art or a whole collection (for example, projects of the famous Belgian decorator and collector Axel Vervoordt).
  • When art is integrated into a finished or almost finished interior at the last stage.

In practice, most often one has to deal with the third scenario. In such cases, large-scale abstract canvases or graphics come to the rescue – it is easier to fit them into the finished space, regardless of its style.

When choosing art, it is important to remember that paintings travel with their owners from house to house. Therefore, the emotional connection of a person with the canvas is more important than the verified coloristic interaction of the interior and the painting.

The interior can be very minimalistic and only art objects will help it gain character. It doesn’t have to be expensive museum work. You can take a child’s drawing, enlarge it on a printing press, make an etching, and it will become a work of art.

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