Have you read about the amount of Carbon footprint that the countries generate every year? A study showed that 2019 recorded an all-time high and the carbon footprint reached close to 36.8 billion metric tons. That’s a huge number, right?

This has triggered a lot of environmentalist movements across the globe. This scary number which is constantly on an uprise has identified the need for an eco-friendly approach among businesses.

I’m sure that has been on your mind, too – exactly why you are here, reading this think-piece. A study showed that close to 48% of consumers in the US have decided to change their consumption and buying habits to save the environment.

So, now let’s look at the various ways in which you can make your Photography business eco-friendly!

6 Eco-Friendly Habits Photography Business Should Opt

1. Enhancing the Digital Media

When we talk about photography businesses, we often discuss how conventional they are. They use a lot of paper for their portfolio and photo reproduction. They also tend to use a lot of plastic for their props, backdrops during photo shoots.

This approach needs to be replaced by environment-friendly ways to help prevent harmful effects. Your business needs a paperless revamp and the best place to start with it will be having a Website.

Anyway, digital media has picked up a lot in the last decade, and having a website ensures that you are reaching out to your potential customers with a click of the button.

2. Going Paperless in the Office

A study showed that close to 42% of wood harvested on a global level is used to produce Paper each year. Looking at this horrific number, it is absolutely necessary for you to reduce the use of papers even for back-office jobs. Try to cut corners. Start from opting for a paperless transaction with your clients.

Follow that up with digital calendars and digital memos to work things in the office smoothly. Try your hands on paperless accounting, too by making the entire office paperless.

We know that you won’t be able to save paper while printing analog albums or anything, however, you can also try pitching your clients for digital albums, which is quite a craze now!

3. Having Digital Business Cards

If you want to top things off, ensure that your employees are using digital business cards as well. Digital Business cards help to save a lot of paper and are easily accessible. You can design it with ease on any of the websites and they can be circulated without wasting any paper or effort.
So many professionals these days are using Digital Cards and it is adding to their goodwill of being eco-friendly.

4. Recycling your Electronic Waste

A startling fact showed that close to 50 million metric tons of electronic waste are produced each year and only 11.4% of it is recycled properly.

As a photography business, you have a lot of electronic waste but if you discard it mindfully, it will prevent all the harmful effects on the environment. If your equipment is not working and is needed to be thrown away, do not just throw it away, instead recycle it or pass it on to the right agencies and companies, who can guide you through the recycling process.

Who knows, the recycled equipment can be used to produce the new camera that you have been eyeing for quite some time now.

5. Make Your Workspace Eco-friendly

As an entrepreneur, you will have to ensure that your workspace is eco-friendly, too. Just like charity begins at home, being eco-friendly begins right at the office. Start with lesser electricity consumption and ensure that your office and employees have a habit to switch off the appliances, not in use.
You can also look for eco-friendly alternatives to electricity in your office. Solar Energy is an important and renewable source of energy, which is helping businesses to go green efficiently.

You can also try switching from incandescent lighting solutions to energy-efficient lighting and you will end up saving close to 75% of the electricity consumption.

6. Making it a daily Practice

You may start all these at once, however, make sure you introduce it as a daily practice in your office and is diligently followed by everyone. Remember, these measures will only make a difference when it is followed every day.

Now that you are completely equipped now to take your photography business eco-friendly, what are you waiting for? Go green and save your mother nature!

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