Formal education shapes the future of the young generation. Those who have gone through the formal education system fit better in society than those who haven’t. Success in life does not start from the day a student graduates.

Instead, it starts from the day the student joins grade 1 and progresses in each grade until they graduate from the university. According to the Best Custom Writing service, academic success depends not only on the level of knowledge and quality of tasks performed, but also on relationships in the group, competitiveness and the ability to find solutions in non-standard situations. Although formal education offers equal opportunities to all students, some succeed better than others. Those that succeed learn early the important habits of success.

7 Habits of Successful Students

They are proactive

They do not wait to be told what to do. They know their responsibilities and do them without supervision. Such students will even go beyond their chores and exceed expectations. They actively fashion their future while in college.

They clearly understand what they want to become and begin preparing for that future today. Successful students are aware that it takes hard work to succeed and boldly move forward proactively following their dreams.

They plan ahead

Successful students plan ahead and do not wait for deadlines. They realize that the path of success is full of obstacles and many unforeseen hindrances. In the back of their mind, they know that someone may plan for a journey and depart, but along the way, challenges might arise. They are not like the students who wait until the final week to spend sleepless nights working on them.

They take their study time seriously

The students don’t just take study time seriously; they also study smart. They know today’s technology has availed unlimited information but not all information is useful for them. They understand they must do research and get resources relevant to their course.

They peruse through books and take note of the useful points that will help them in their current modules and the entire course. They take notes during lessons and revise them in their free time.

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Success for the college student comes from various study components. The main one is attending lessons on time and consistently. The second is spending time studying from various sources. The third is doing assignments within time.

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They lead a healthy life

Successful students understand the importance of living a healthy life. They seek to learn the best practices for healthy living. They are selective in what they eat and the time they eat. They take seriously the dangers caused by drugs, alcoholism, and junk food. They exercise and take time to rest.

7 Habits of Successful Students

They believe there is a solution for every challenge

The students know well that life presents diverse challenges that require solutions. For example, there could be an information gap in terms of the way information flows amongst students in the same field of study, the same sports club, or social group.

They will not let the situation deteriorate and do nothing. They will think and find a solution which could be something like new software, device, or ideas. When they get challenged by assignments, they seek a quick solution.

They support others

They realize they are in a society and cannot survive alone. If it’s in college, students need each other. When one student is successful in a certain field, they help other students in the same field to succeed like them.

In the families they come from, they do not neglect their role. They give support whenever possible to ensure their family stays as one and succeeds. If in the community, they are supportive too. They visit the needy community members like the senior members, children’s homes, the homeless, and so on according to their abilities.

They don’t fear adult life

College life is short and immediately after, the students enter into working the rest of their life. Because they take their studies seriously, they know they will make it big in life after college. Adult life is a responsibility and the students do not fear facing it.


Success is a process that must be approached and worked out resolutely. Every student has equal opportunities to succeed, but the determining factor is the effort they put into their success. The students can adopt these seven habits and internalize them as their own. If they take steps to pursue their goals, they will find the journey of success easy and achievable.

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Michael Turner is a successful management consultant working for a large MNC and making inroads to reach the top position. It’s all been possible with his ability to take things head-on and his excellent business negotiation, communication, management and report and paper writing skills. In the near future, he dreams of starting a tech business someday.

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