Many teenagers dream about the time they will go to college and become the kings of their dorm rooms. They are excited that they will soon have their private space, the first place to live independently without the parents in the neighboring room. But they forget that there are two sides to the coin.

We don’t want to disappoint you, but your dorm could turn out not as dreamy as you imagine. The walls could be painted in depressing colors. Nobody cleans your room when you are away. With no parents around, you are the only one who is now responsible for the comfort and coziness.

In a while, you can feel homesick. It’s natural to miss a place where you used to live most of your life. And it’s also expected you would like to create homey space in your new college bedroom. We prepared five tips to help you turn your dorm room into a second home.

5 Tips To Turn Your Dorm Room Into A Second Home

#1 Get Inspired by Others

If you want to save your money, don’t go to the store for furniture and other decorations before doing some research. Fortunately, because of such services as Pinterest or Instagram, you can find plenty of design ideas for free. Collect some references on how you want your room to look like, find some cheaper alternatives or DIY solutions to create a perfect setup with your own hands.

#2 Organize your Workplace

For students, a table is one of the essential pieces of furniture. It should simultaneously push you to study and inspire you for creative assignments such as essays.

Ask yourself: “How should the place where I can write my paper look like?”. Maybe you need an additional area for your books so you will have to look into putting up a shelf. Or perhaps you are a very organized person and need a corkboard, where you can put all your notes, to-do lists, and schedule.

Don’t forget about some decorations, like postcards or photos with your favorite memories. But be careful not to oversaturate your room with such destructive details, especially if you are prone to procrastination.

#3 Show Me Where You Sleep and I Will Tell You Who You Are

It always feels more like home when you sleep on beautiful sheets and hug your favorite pillow. That’s why you’d better pay extra attention to your choice of bedclothes. First of all, it would probably be better to leave your Mickey Mouse beddings in your parents’ house, preferring neutral geometric prints.

Your bed is a place where you’ll spend most of your nights, so it should be comfortable for you and your spine. Investing in a good mattress now can save your money for the massages in the future. Nice pajamas would also be a plus.

5 Tips To Turn Your Dorm Room Into A Second Home

#4 Details Create the Big Picture

It’s a common misconception that you can’t create a beautiful interior without professionals’ help or money. When you are in college, you don’t need glamorous furniture and decorations. All you need is to focus on details that make the room cozier and won’t cost you a fortune.

  • Buy a nice rug, which you can also use as a place to study.
  • Put a plant that will fill your interior with life.
  • Put up some nice pictures on the wall, or create a collage of photos over your bad.
  • Christmas lights can bring joy all year round. They create an atmosphere of the celebration or just cover the holes in your wall.
  • Make your room smell like home. Sometimes smells can bring back the warmest memories. Ask your parents what air freshener they use or just pick the one you like the most.

These details make your room special. It shows your personality to guests and helps you to make yourself at home.

5 Tips To Turn Your Dorm Room Into A Second Home

#5 Don’t Forget About the Guests

Student’s life’s not only studying. It doesn’t matter how small your room is. You can still make it an excellent place for your new friends to gather. That’s why your space in the dormitory should quickly transform into a party zone.

To make it possible, you can buy a few bean bag chairs. It’s not that expensive, but very practical. Because not only your friends could lounge there, but you can use it as another study place.

Investing in some speakers is always a good idea. A laptop’s sound can be poor, so your guests would appreciate the small sound system’s superior quality. Moreover, the speakers will turn your regular Netflix binge-watching into a real movie night.

Final Words

A dorm room is your second home. That is why it’s essential to create an atmosphere of welcomeness, make it worth coming back to. Don’t be afraid to spend money on things that make you happy. Even though you won’t live in a dorm forever, making it comfortable to be in can have a positive effect on your morale.

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