Humans have always been excited to look into and admire the shapes and variations inside a face be it on a mirror or the other side of it. Photographing the faces with emotions and signs taking it close to being natural will remain one of the daunting tasks for any photographer. The People as they are, characters withheld inside a frame translating the mood and emotion of the person at the particular moment which is likely to resemble and give us an idea about the lifestyle of him/her.

Yes, that is definitely challenging for the photographer. To speak about a person with a mere portrait cannot be very much satisfying to open up the world they live in or the nature of the subject for a lifetime, but arguably a portrait does show some early words into the lives and character. Having said about the significance and the challenges in producing a good portrait, let us speak more on the valuable and masterful tips to capture a unique and class portrait.

The Storm Brought Me Here - 5 Masterful Tips in Portrait Photography
Photo Credit : Mas Mastral

1) Subject of Portrayal

Listen to your inner-self, it may answer the fact what attracts one to a subject of portrayal. We don’t tend to shoot everything we meet on the streets, there is this distinct feature within a human that urges a photographer to start pointing the camera to. Discovering this aspect in portrait photography forms the fundamental trait for being one. Especially if you are a People/Street Photographer this trait to catch hold of your subjects is an important attribute. The Color, Light or an action which may surprise you, eternal contrasts or the subtle humbleness, actions which may be emotive or some phenomenal characters. Choose them wisely. Remember every face you shoot is definitely a portrait but to capture something interesting and engaging it need to be classy.

Little girl with make up in Kumbh Mela, Allahabad, India - 5 Masterful Tips in Portrait Photography
Photo Credit : Eric Lafforgue

Portrait - 5 Masterful Tips in Portrait Photography
Photo Credit : LJ

2) Sense of Being

How would you approach them without disturbing the character they showed while you spotted them for the subject of portrayal. This is arguably the most tricky phase in capturing any portrait. To make them comfortable before the lens and to again get the true sense of being into a photograph is truly a daunting task. Masters practice this art of socialization and tend to get this approval more often within hearts rather verbally. It just happens, the approach and every single step you close in towards your subject will hugely change the mood of the scene. Choose your steps wisely, acting according to their reactions you may initially want to earn their faith before you show them your camera.

Children of the Mountains - 5 Masterful Tips in Portrait Photography
Photo Credit : Mitchell Kanashkevich

Smoke - 5 Masterful Tips in Portrait Photography
Photo Credit : Dariusz Klimczak

3) Ambiance and Mood

Stay conscious for the light and ambiance in the environment. Light can bring glory as well as kill a good portrait for not being in its very best which may be acting against the will of the character. Think like an artist, a photographer should know what works best against the character of portrayal. For example brightly lit subjects show intense character with strong attitude, whereas a low light portrait can be more blissful. emotive and gloomy at times. So translate the mood and ambiance accordingly to record a piece of it inside a frame.

The storm before the calm - 5 Masterful Tips in Portrait Photography
Photo Credit : Leonardo Amaro Rodrigues

on the ghat varanasi - 5 Masterful Tips in Portrait Photography
Photo Credit : Sanzenr

4) Character and Emotions

Choosing the right subject with artistic ambiance alone doesn’t guarantee a class portrait. Try not to disturb their true-selves showing before your lens, be creative ask yourself what do you think is their trueness. When you realize you didn’t get that in a frame meaning they seem to be very attentive before your lens loosing their self, speak to them make them remember something. Humans tend to show this wonderful character and beautiful emotions when you interact in the right way, the masters way. Remember these interactions need not be verbal, every move you make with your camera has its impact on the subjects face.

Lendu man - DR CONGO - 5 Masterful Tips in Portrait Photography
Photo Credit : C.Stramba-Badiali

São Bartolomeu do Mar (Portugal) - 5 Masterful Tips in Portrait Photography
Photo Credit : Paulo Alegria

5) Magic of Framing

How do you serve an excellently cooked meal. The answer is very important for it changes the vision of the food, here the portrait. Adding some additional elements or to position them inside a provided space requires lot of practice and absorbing. Decisive moments with some characters of magic has to be sprinkled on top to add glory to the portrait. This cant be described for every photographer needs to find his own ingredients. There is no rule of thirds nor any other art and composition laws which has to applied to a good portrait. Simply a good portrait doesn’t need to follow rules, it just stays in hearts for a simple reason. Yes we see the person’s character depicted in a photograph.

Bienvenue à la doxa - 5 Masterful Tips in Portrait Photography
Photo Credit : Anne

Boy in Car, Cuba - 5 Masterful Tips in Portrait Photography
Photo Credit : Serena Amaduzzi / National Geographic


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